A Million Little Things | 2 × 08-09 – Goodnight / Time Stands Still

 A Million Little Things |  2 × 08-09 - Goodnight / Time Stands Still

And we have a break in A Million Little Things, which will return to complete some very interesting plots left behind. The best part of the series so far is the way he talks about depression and care, but unfortunately he treated the death of a character so quickly and without salt.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The episode “Goodnight”Had everything to be intense, but with the character Renee (L. Scott Caldwell) leaving home and suddenly Regina broke the news that she passed away, it was completely bizarre. I was taken aback by the way they drove that I even thought the actress had died during the recording…

Rome’s farewell was beautiful, he had some necessary moments with his father, Walter, but there is still a sincere conversation between him and Brother Omar.

The conduct of the episode led to some lies being exposed to Delilah, such as the fact that PJ was Jon’s son, but was soon denied by Barbara who said that the jacket he used to make the DNA belonged to Jon’s best friend and his love …

Time Stands Still”Again gives Rome space for a very nice conversation with PJ about decisions and he decides to open up more and try to understand his mother and father Mitch, who explains the whole situation of his birth and how he and his mother connected and decided raise him as a son. And they confess that they were wrong not to tell the truth in a moment.

The series again spoke of Gary’s unemployment, which explains that it happened because he focused on his friends, and still fights with them for being so disunited. It is this scolding and several moments with PJ that ends up causing Delilha to tell her children about her and Eddie and about Charlie. Sophie felt betrayed and destroyed her friend’s studio.

Maggie who had some mystery, is now alone, abandoned by Gary who doesn’t understand his desire to know himself, and now Eric has some secret to tell him, leaving a mystery in the air that ends up being unnecessary at that moment, as she already had the to deal with this separation.

Kath and Eddie are always having a good time after everything that happened between them. The way they are dealing with their relationship is very cool.

And finally we have Regina finally realizing that she could have a child with Rome, that her biggest fear was that the person she could have a child was not a good father because of everything she has suffered, but who was thrilled in how he has evolved and been so responsible.

A Million Little Things you can make a few small mistakes, but in general it has made very interesting plots and the chemistry of the cast is sensational!