A Million Little Things | 2 × 07 – Ten Years

 A Million Little Things |  2 × 07 - Ten Years

How far can someone’s decision affect someone else’s life? A Million Little Things puts people against the wall and brings events that surprised me, and some that bothered me a little…

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The fact that they don’t know if Jon is PJ’s father ends up putting Regina and Rome in a complicated situation regarding the boy’s friendship with Sophie, and when she tries to kiss him, he runs away, leaving her without reaction. I like the way Delilah ends up dealing with her daughter, but it will still be nice to see this connection between the boy and her father.

In the end we found out that he is not Jon’s son, which should change some things …

Gary feels bad about the dog’s story and it all gets worse when he finds out that his owner died looking for him, and his widow lives alone. Maggie convinces him that delivering is the best, and that leaves him devastated, and in a twist she takes the dog that looks like the kennel, paints her ear and makes the switch. It was funny, but I found it very sad, because they deceived the lady for her own benefit.

Now, Eddie’s sober 10th birthday, even though he had drunk in hiding and stopped again when he saw Theo almost catch him with a drink, was cool, but the best thing about it was that Kath saw that they had been through a lot together and what lies lead to nothing, and in Eddie’s case, take the drink.

She is then convinced that everyone should be told the truth about Charlie. Delilah soon despairs, fearing her children’s reaction to the betrayal.

A Million Little Things goes on doing his simple dramas, showing decisions and lightness, but preparing for something bigger, because we must have some more intense event ahead.