A Million Little Things | 2 × 05 – Austin

 A Million Little Things |  2 × 05 - Austin

I always hope that A Million Little Things take a surprising turn, but she continues doing her drama sugar water and now the focus was on relationships and her difficulties, in addition to talking a little about parenting.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Rome and Regina end up having a disagreement on account of him doing a “lightly” commercial based on their lives, and she is beside herself. It is then that we have a parallel between their lives and the 50 years of marriage of the parents of Rome, Renee and Walter. The way they deal with disagreements, how he doesn’t accept much of the things Renee wants to do, her debauchery, the whole development forces Rome and Regina to talk.

I thought the ending was cute with Walter surprising his wife with an apology and the decision to go with her on the cruise.

Delilah was left with the drama of Dani not wanting a family photo to present Charlie without Jon, while Sophie wants to move on. To move forward is not to forget the father, but to live life better without the burden of not having it. It’s cool to show how the pain of loss changes completely for families.

And we had Kath and Eddie trying to get along, especially after he found out that his wife wants to leave for Austin, Texas, to start a life without judgment. Surprising her and creating new situations just for them, it’s cool, especially in how much he went wrong with her. The two seeking to overcome the differences, still more with Charlie present, is very intense.

And finally we have Gary starting to find the connection between Maggie and Eric strange. She begins to see the boy as her brother and tries to overcome the fact of her mother’s lies and imagine that he has her brother’s heart makes her create a special bond.

Gary wants her by his side, but she makes it clear that she needs to understand who she is after the fact that she will no longer die, only that she needs to understand this without him forcing her. Only she leans on Eric, and he is jealous.

The case of A Million Little Things is to wait and let the show deliver its drama without waiting too long.