A Million Little Things | 2 × 04 – The Perfect Storm

 A Million Little Things |  2 × 04 - The Perfect Storm

I liked to see that A Million Little Things it was quick to complete some plots and its consequences tend to create new situations for other characters, but it is the way that some characters react that does not excite me very much.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The whole way they put Gary as the protector of everyone ends up overloading the character, who sometimes doesn’t take care of himself, but I really hope they focus on his mother’s plot, since even with Kath he talked, because he made it clear to her that just for she didn’t abandon Theo when she found herself in trouble, she’s already a great woman.

Kath had to take a good shake of her friend Carter to understand that like her, such a ferocious lawyer, she cannot focus on her own problems and take charge of the situation. She is very upset to see Charlie and Eddie, but she knows that she will have to overcome this if she wants to stay with her husband. I think that your choice to accept that and try it again, can complicate Delilah’s lie to Sophia and Dani.

Regina was afraid that when she got rid of Andrew, her restaurant was going to close. The point is that she doesn’t share her fear, because the restaurant is hers and Delilah’s. So, in a blackout, the two finally get along and open the restaurant in the rain and blackout to house the staff and ends up creating a new family event.

Maggie, on the other hand, sees Patricia taking Eric to her home and there she realizes that the mother is not the boy’s lover, but has become attached to him, since he has his brother’s heart. It turns out that she donated her son’s organs after his death, which Maggie did not know, because she did not say that her brother had brain death, and still with the organs intact.

Maggie was very irritated with her mother for the lies and when she understood that the times her mother went to see her, including when she was in surgery, she was only there for Eric… Maggie is shattered and doesn’t want any more relationship with her mother, only that she approached Eric, and exchanging messages, we have Gary jealous.

A Million Little Things it is very nice to follow, and I hope it continues to evolve.