A Million Little Things | 1 × 16 – The Rosary

 A Million Little Things |  1 × 16 - The Rosary

A Million Little Things finally brought Barbara close to Delilah and Sophie, but the focus of the episode was Maggie and her surgery, and the approach of her mother, Patricia (Melora Hardin), with Gary.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Of course, Gary would be anxious because of the surgery, which could have consequences, and even promising her, he was beside himself, even fighting over a parking space. It was obvious, but I laughed when he found out that the lady he had a fight with was Patricia. Embarrassing situations, but in the end they supported each other to be together for Maggie. In the end she is fine with the surgery, even with some scares on the way.

I liked Rome finally understanding that he can do something good, especially with a boy finding his script and loving what he read. The two then debate the project and he finally feels confident showing it to Regina. And she also had to overcome a number of things, as she started to feel that she was being shadowed by Delilah and Andrew. But in the end he saw that many were there for their food.

And we had Katherine spending time with Theo, and that time some things go wrong, which ends up frustrating her son, which makes him say heavy things to her. The way she deals, makes him feel ashamed of what he said, everything is so intense, and soon Eddie arrives to help her, and we discover that the boy suffers from sleepwalking. I hope they show more of Eddie and Kath and what led him to betray her, because what we see is a strong and dedicated woman, and it is impossible not to like her.

Now, Emma introducing herself to Sophie, entering her home and trying to understand the life that Jon had there should yield more things in the next episode, which is already the last of the season. Remembering that Emma is Barbara in fact.

A Million Little Things works with many dramas at the same time, and sometimes the episode seems very busy and even the development of its plots. Now it is time to see how the series will conclude its season and leave the plots for next year.