A Million Little Things | 1 × 15 – The Rock

 A Million Little Things |  1 × 15 - The Rock

The most delicious of A Million Little Things is that it brings human sensitivity, but above all, it is necessary to see how it brings male sensitivity, fears the way men have difficulty talking about their feelings, what is stuck in their throat and ends up postponing decisions and rabies.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

What I like most about the series is exactly that, showing that the important thing is to talk, be sincere, respect and above all, support yourself… Know who to turn to, who to let off steam and not give in to.

Gary makes the fort all the time, he is there for everyone, but he knows what has gone on to be that way, to be the rock that everyone needs. Jon was at his side, it was his rock, and he feels he needs to be everyone’s rock, especially Maggie. When he finds out that Linda, his chemotherapy partner could not stand it and died, he protects his girlfriend from this pain right now, as she is still fragile with the beginning of the process.

And he is also Danny’s rock, who has the first amorous heartbreak, since Delilah spoke without knowing Eliot’s reaction that they were cute together. The mother’s lack of tact created insecurity in the boy that the family did not know about his sexuality, and made him stay away from his son. I liked how everything is very sensitive and without much problematization, just two teenagers getting to know each other.

And Rome starts to see that you can’t be a purple all the time. He sees the arrival of his brother, Omar, as a major problem and begins to corrode himself to tell his father truths, who overprotect his son, and he even understands when the father says he doesn’t need it.

It hurts when his father says that he never stayed on top of Rome because he knew that his son didn’t need it, that he was so strong that he didn’t need someone on top of him all the time, and Rome with eyes full of tears saying that now and then it would be nice to feel that concern.

When I thought Omar was going to complain to his brother, he talks about the drugs his brother takes, but without even knowing that he tried to kill himself … But the first step was taken, the two let their guard down.

Now, Katherine is still devastated to see the marriage crumble, and distracted in traffic almost died in an accident. Eddie then stays with the ex all the time and they both finally talk, but there is still a lot to be resolved between them, a lot of pain swallowed up in loneliness. I thought it was cool that they were asking Gary to be Theo’s tutor, in case something happened between them.

A Million Little Things it remains a delight to follow and new mysteries are growing, like Barbara watching Delilah from afar and discovering her pregnancy, and when receiving a mysterious call telling the person that, and that they have to do something.