A Million Little Things | 1 × 14 – Someday

 A Million Little Things |  1 × 14 - Someday

Taking a breath over Jon’s case, A Million Little Things brings new nuances to Regina, showing her disappointment with her mother and the reasons for wanting to keep her out of her life. It was a very important decision to work with Regina at this time and make us even more enchanted by this strong woman.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Whenever we saw Regina and her mother, there was a strangeness in the air between the two, and now with the opening of the restaurant that AA invested money, the two started to fight more. The point is that Regina is very angry when she finds out that her uncle Neil is the one who gave the investment money.

During the episode there is the strangeness and coldness on the subject, but with the discovery we see Regina completely go out of her way, and even scream at her mother. It is then that in a chat with Rome and Maggie, she tells that her uncle molested her. She, being the only black girl in her school, felt ugly, and the people said that. In a moment of fragility, her uncle asked her to take off her shirt, and she wanted to be told that she was beautiful, took off…

Neil abused the niece’s fragility, and what the series did was to show the victim is not to blame. Regina had the support of her husband and friend, and managed to think of herself and even what he could have done with his mother. His pain with her is that she didn’t stay by his side when he heard the story … Only now Neil died and they need to move on.

Gary runs to find out more about Barbara Morgan and they come to find her, but she hides, and we are surprised that she has a son, which could be Jon, bringing a brother to Danny and Sophie. I liked that they connected the dots and Gary and Eddie went to a gallery that she exhibited.

Delilah starts to move on and flirts with Andrew, the man she met at the gas station and who still helps her get a license to sell drinks. The problem is that Gary is on their toes and ends up creating a boring situation…

When he is confronted, he assumes to Delilah that he is really controlling, but in the things he feels he has such power, such as making it easier for Eddie, since with Maggie he doesn’t know how to act anymore.

A Million Little Things it shows that it can go beyond Jon’s problems and that this process is necessary to develop his characters.