A Million Little Things | 1 × 13 – Twelve Seconds

 A Million Little Things |  1 × 13 - Twelve Seconds

After a lot of calling and waiting for her to tell what was going on, behold, Ashley shows up to talk to Delilah, Gary and Katherine, and A Million Little Things returns to the dimension that Jon was someone who thought ahead, but above all , had big problems …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

In the letter he leaves for Delilah and the children, he assumes that he came for very complicated moments, that meeting Delilah and having a family was what took him out of a very difficult area, and the second moment was to meet the boys. He leaves in the letter stating that they love them, but the head full and the pain were greater.

The whole development ends up leading to the mysterious woman, who in the end ends up telling Jon that his plans for the block and the subway exit would not go ahead, and he had spent millions in the region, and was the trigger for his death. Ashley convinces her to try again a public notice and for one point they almost succeed again, but Delilah, now knowing everything, decides to sell things beforehand.

It was an important 12 seconds for her and her family’s life. Sell ​​the block for a fair price, or wait for the meeting about leaving the subway and being able to earn a lot, but a lot, more… Thinking about all the pain that has passed and the image that Jon, Delilah and Katherine had, solve things and sell before.

I loved seeing more of Katherine and her relationship with the company, like her friend Carter and her romantic interest Hunter. The way she wakes up for life and feels betrayed after sleeping with Hunter was horrible, but it still triggered Eddie’s desire to get divorced soon, for Theo’s sake.

Maggie and Sophie were also great. Both are learning how to deal with pain and love, while Sophie is frustrated by her father to protect her problems too much, Maggie protects her parents too much. Maggie has her tumor reduced and can remove it if she continues, but she has not told her family that the cancer has returned and Sophie makes her count and she has a reaction of pure love from her mother.

A Million Little Things it ends up being about that, the little things that make us love and be loved, worry and suffer… Regina sees a lot of this with Rome and both now have the chance to move on after so many problems, and Rome not taking her medication is one their.