A Million Little Things | 1 × 12 – The Day Before…

 A Million Little Things |  1 × 12 - The Day Before…

An immersion in Jon’s drama and his final moments in A Million Little Things, the decisive ones for his life and the change for all those he loves. We saw that Barbara has already approached, in a way, friends, and Ashley is not so bad, at least for now.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Jon was under pressure, lost money on investments and made Delilah sign things without seeing, and it was all consuming him too much, which made him take drastic measures against himself. Before he showed his favorite place to Ashley, who stole a kiss and that’s it, and there she talked about you and him too, but we still don’t have much information about the drama itself.

Maggie was willing to take a chance in the city, but her father showed up, they relived moments, they remembered their brother, which made her decide not to settle in the city because she didn’t think she was fair enough.

We see Rome and Regina dealing with their relationship, he frustrated, her being harassed and dropping everything, so the pressure on him makes him think about giving up on life, but is prevented by Jon’s death.

In the same way we have Eddie and Delilah meeting in hiding, and both of them don’t know how to take action to put their own lives on track. And when they decide to do something, Jon kills himself.

Gary keeps jumping from branch to branch, not knowing anyone and few encounters with Maggie, with a few smiles, but he is still picking up countless girls and not bonding, which Jon fights with him, because he doesn’t have a purpose now that he had a 2nd chance in life.

A Million Little Things starts to put things in place and I already want to know how each one will continue to react to the news that Jon planned for each one and how they will face the new opportunities.