A Million Little Things | 1 × 11 – Secrets and Lies

 A Million Little Things |  1 × 11 - Secrets and Lies

A Million Little Things returned by messing up his characters’ lives by letting everyone know what Jon did for his family. To use Delillah’s name without her knowing, to get her to sign anything and leave a debt of 18 million … Episode came back shaking.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Delillah is upset and feeling hopeless, and that ends up splattering Regina a little, but everyone supports her, even Katherine, who runs out of time to postpone her family being evicted. It turns out that everyone there doesn’t know yet that Ashley knows more than she should, and even had an affair with Jon.

As the rope tightens, Gary does his best to keep his friend’s name clean, but he can’t find a way out, until Kath tells him the name of the elevator they were stuck in and he knows that Jon may have had a plan … The question is that they don’t find Ashley, who is at home ripping documents.

Ashley still goes to a woman and tries to ask for help …

The other dramas were good, like Dany telling Delillah about him being in love with Elliot and the family being understanding and welcoming him, showing that love is above everything, while Sophie starts to feel angry at her father for putting them all in that situation. .

Regina tries to connect with her mother to have the investment, but her mother doesn’t just want to give the money, she wants to be part of her daughter’s life again, while Rome seeks to do things again to bring stability to the family.

Maggie is in chemo and gradually sees her life change, and she shaves her head, while stomping her foot that she will not let cancer take the things she loves from her, as is the race thing. Only in the middle of a test, she feels sick, and there she sees all the support of the family.

A Million Little Things there is a lot of love and friendship involved, some dramas still seem to be played, but the series is gradually meeting and bringing things to develop.