A Million Little Things | 1 × 10 – Christmas Wishlist

 A Million Little Things |  1 × 10 - Christmas Wishlist

A Million Little Things concludes his first part of the season showing a little of what has to come in Jon’s real motivations, and the first part of it comes right on Christmas night, along with the discovery of a new character in contact with Ashley: Donnie.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The Christmas part itself was very simple and brought a little Christmas spirit to Sophie and brought some more families together, like Eddie and Delilah and Sophie itself, since she was lost due to her father’s memories, but she also showed us such an affectionate and cute part of Kath with Theo.

Maggie finally found out that Gary slept with Ashley and that could be a huge complication, but she ends up throwing up at him after hearing that he really loves her, making him discover that she is under treatment. Maggie had told Kevin that she would not involve her friends until she took the exams and had some hope.

Rome and Regina need to deal with new information in their husband’s treatment, the fact that he has a very low libido. Regina tries to seduce her husband, but he doesn’t react. It is very good to see on the subject, since it is one of the things that end up taking men away from some treatments, the fact that they can be “impotent”.

But it’s Ashley’s rush with Donnie that really surprises us, as she does everything she can to keep him from executing a court order that gives Delilah and her family 30 days to leave their home. Jon got screwed in a move and left the family helpless, and now we will see how they will deal with all this, since we will start to see that Jon is not who they think, and even Ashley’s case he had.

At least Danny and Sophie responded well to their mother’s pregnancy, only I believe that this will still have a twist with the discovery that the son is not Jon, but Eddie.

With the court order in hand, Delilah runs the only person who can help her, at least until the child’s truth comes out: Kath.

A Million Little Things it started out very warm, but it has evolved in a delicious way in these 10 episodes, and even if clinging to Jon, breaking this “deification” of him will now be a very cool shot for the series.