‘A Canine Mind’: Original Netflix has already been released under another name

‘A Canine Mind’: Original Netflix has already been released under another name

Mixing comedy, drama and a lot of emotion, the film () arrived at Netflix on the 3rd of July and quickly entered the ranking of the 10 most watched films. But a possible divergence between the giant and the Lionsgate it seems to have occurred, since the ‘original’ Netflix movie had already been released, under another name. Understand the confusion.

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The film, released on Netflix, with the original film seal, is being questioned: is the film really a platform original? The discussion is based on the fact that, about a month before its release on Netflix, the film was already available on Lionsgate, under the title ão.

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The movie, which is available to rent or buy on YouTube, Apple TV and Google Play, features Megan Fox (,), Gabriel Bateman (, ) and Josh Duhamel (, s) in the cast.

Netflix Original Movie

According to the giant, a title is defined as a original Netflix when she ordered and produced it; when you have exclusive international rights; when she co-produced the film or series with another company or when it is a continuation of a previously canceled program. In short, when you can only watch that content on Netflix.

According to the portal, in the case of, the film had international rights acquired by Netflix. However, if these rights are exclusive, Lionsgate could not have released the film before. The difference in the title () even reveals a possible divergence between the companies.

Synopsis and trailer:

Little genius Oliver (Bateman) finds a way to listen to his dog’s thoughts and enlists his help to keep his family together.


Original title:
Duration: 90 minutes
Launch: July 3, 2020
Distributor: Netflix
Directed by: Gil Junger ()
Classification: 10 years
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country of origin: USA