9 series coming to Netflix in June

Charlie Cox talks about clashes between Matt Murdock and Elektra

Check out the nine series coming to Netflix next month.

God’s Story with Morgan Freeman (Season 2)

Documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman on faith and theology.

Opens on June 1. Read more about The Story of God with Morgan Freeman.

Doutora Brinquedos (Season 3)

Dr. Toy takes care of her stuffed animals, curing belly pain and more severe cases.

Opens on June 1.

Me, You and Her (Season 3)

The relationship between the couple Jack and Emma is not there. The two then have an idea to make the wedding more interesting. Jack and Emma hire an escort. But the problem arises when one of them falls in love with her and the couple’s future is threatened.

Opens on June 1. Read more about Me, You and Her.

Marcella (Season 2)

Marcella Summers (Anna Friel) left the detective job to get married and have children. But after 12 years of relationship, the marriage ends. Now, she resumes her career and in a case she investigates, Marcella discovers that there may be links to an unsolved crime ten years ago.

It opens on June 8. Read more about Marcella.

Sense8 – Last Episode

People around the world are connected mentally and are known as Sensates. They are pursued by Whispers, who consider them a threat to the world order. Therefore, the Sensates unite mentally and physically to escape.

It opens on June 8. Read more about Sense8.

Versailles (Season 2)

Political and amorous battles dominate this palace built to order for King Louis XIV.

It opens on June 15.

Luke Cage (Season 2)

Luke Cage (Mike Colter) leaves prison and volunteers to participate in a scientific experiment. This ends up giving him super strength and he starts using it to earn money and switch sides, working as a rental hero.

It opens on June 22. Read more about Luke Cage.

Glow (Season 2)

An unemployed and disillusioned actress finds a new way to survive. She joins a group of women, including actresses and dancers, to form GLOW. They participate in free fights and hope to make a career in show business.

It opens on June 29. Read more about Glow.

Kiss Me First (Season 1)

Teenager Leila is lonely and devotes her time to the game Agora. In this game she meets Tess, a cool and confident young woman who hides a secret. Tess ends up disappearing and Leila ends up assuming the identity of the new friend and investigates the reason for her disappearance.

It opens on June 29. Read more about Kiss Me First.