7 films premiere today in Brazil, check it out

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Check out, at Cinema10, the seven films that premiered today in Brazilian cinemas:

How to Train Your Dragon 3

Parents: United States

Genre: Animation, adventure

Direction: Dean DeBlois

Synopsis: Hiccup has finally found a peaceful home where dragons can live safely. There, Hiccup’s dragon friend, Banguela, finds a companion, Fury of Light. But the lull ends when danger hovers around the place, causing Hiccup and Banguela to save their species.

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Parents: United States

Genre: Suspense, fantasy

Direction: M. Night Shyamalan

Synopsis: David Dunn (Bruce Willis) goes on a relentless chase against psychopath Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy), who has become the creature known as The Beast. Meanwhile, Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson), known as Mr. Glass, reappears with terrible secrets involving Dunn and The Beast.

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The Weight of the Past

Parents: United States

Genre: Cop, suspense

Direction: Karyn Kusama

Synopsis: A police officer (Nicole Kidman) is haunted by a case that she was unable to resolve. An involved criminal reappears, forcing the police to face these ghosts to solve the crime once and for all.

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Parents: Brazil

Genre: Drama

Direction: André Novais Oliveira

Synopsis: Juliana (Grace Passô) is leaving the interior of Minas Gerais to live in the metropolitan region. In the search for a job, she gets a job as an inspector of outbreaks of disease in the city, but this work creates unusual situations and new friendships for her life. In addition, their marriage is going through a crisis and they both try to adapt to the intense changes.

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Public square

Parents: France

Genre: Comedy

Direction: Agnès Jaoui

Synopsis: Castro (Jean-Pierre Bacri) was a famous TV presenter, but that was in the past. When Nathalie (Léa Drucker), his producer, decides to move inland and throw a new house opening party with a bunch of eccentric guests, he takes his daughter, ex-wife and his current girlfriend.

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Friends forever

Parents: United States

Genre: Dramatic comedy

Direction: Neil Burger

Synopsis: Millionaire Phillip (Bryan Cranston) had an accident and ended up being quadriplegic. From now on he needs a 24-hour nurse and has to find someone for the job. After interviewing several people, he hires ex-prisoner Dell (Kevin Hart), resulting in an unexpected friendship.

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Parents: Lebanon, France

Genre: Drama

Direction: Nadine Labaki

Synopsis: Zain (Zain Al Rafeea) already carries many responsibilities at the age of twelve, as he takes care of his brothers in the tenement where he lives with his parents, who live absent due to work. When the eleven-year-old sister is forced to marry an adult man, the revolt takes the boy and makes him leave the family. Living on the streets, he meets many refugee and abandoned children in delicate situations.

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