7 best movies to watch on Amazon Prime in 2020

7 best movies to watch on Amazon Prime in 2020

In this quarantine period, provided by the coronavirus, the lack of what to do can generate boredom. Staying at home all the time can feed the feeling.

Thinking about it, take some time to have fun. So, check out the best movies to watch on Amazon Prime in this year.

7 best movies on Amazon Prime

The film brings the end of a saga of heroes that began since Iron Man, in 2008. Therefore, there are other features, more than 20 in total, of different heroes with surprising plots.

Official synopsis: After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War, the Universe went into destruction because of Thanos’ Snapping Fingers, the Mad Titan. With the help of the surviving heroes, the Avengers must come together once more to undo Thanos’ actions and restore order to the universe once and for all, no matter what the consequences await.

Avengers: Endgame

For those who like a lot of adrenaline and action, this is the most suitable film. So, with Keanu Reeves playing the protagonist, you can’t expect anything less.

Official synopsis: In this Chapter 3, John Wick is on the run for two reasons: he is hunted for a $ 14 million global contract for his life, and for breaking the main rule, which was to take a life within the Continental Hotel grounds. The victim was a member of the High Summit, who gave the order for the contract. John should have been executed by now, except that the hotel manager, Winston, gave him an hour’s lead before he was killed. His membership was revoked, he was banned from all services and disconnected from other members. John will use the service industry to stay alive as he struggles to get out of New York alive.

John Wick 3

Classic of 2013, the film deals with the reality of the financial scandal on the Wall Street stock market in the 90s. Thus, with the work of Leonardo DiCaprio, it is a great request to understand what happened at the time.

Synopsis: For six months, Jordan Belfort worked hard at a Wall Street brokerage, following the teachings of his mentor Mark Hanna. When he finally manages to be hired as a broker for the firm, Black Monday takes place, which causes the stock exchanges of several countries to fall suddenly. Jobless and quite ambitious, he ends up working for a backyard company that deals with low-value papers, which are not on the stock exchange. It is there that Belfort has the idea of ​​setting up a company focused on this type of business, whose sales are of lower values ​​but, in return, the return to the broker is much more advantageous. Along with Donnie and other friends from the old days, he creates Stratton Oakmont, a company that makes everyone get rich quicker and also lead a life dedicated to pleasure.

the wolf of Wall Street

Film that continues (2000) and (2017), brings together the three characters in a single film production. Therefore, the third film in the saga is an excellent choice for those in love with a good suspense.

Synopsis: After the conclusion of (2017), Kevin Crumb, the man with 24 different personalities, is chased by David Dunn, the hero of Closed Body (2000). The game of cat and mouse between the unbreakable man and the Beast is influenced by the presence of Elijah Price, who manipulates their meetings and keeps secrets about the two.


The Disney classic returns in a beautiful version. Thus, full of action and magic in the Disney way, the film can be a good option to watch with the family.

Synopsis: Aladdin is a young thief who lives on small thefts in Agrabah. One day, he helps a young woman to retrieve a valuable bracelet, unaware that she is actually Princess Jasmine. Aladdin soon becomes interested in her, who claims to be the princess’s maid. Upon visiting her in the middle of the palace and discovering her identity, he is captured by Jafar, the grand vizier of the sultanate, who wishes him to retrieve a magic lamp, where a genius capable of granting three wishes to his owner lives.



Another one from Disney, guarantees a trip back in time for those who loved the animation of 1994. Thus, it is a great option to gather the family and enjoy a lot.

Synopsis: In The Lion King, Simba is a young lion whose destiny is to become the king of the jungle. However, a trap set up by his uncle Scar causes Mufasa, the current king, to die while trying to save the cub. Consumed by guilt, Simba leaves the kingdom for a distant place, where he meets friends who teach him to once again take pleasure in life.

The Lion King (2019)

In this latest film, the world’s most beloved toys come together for a final adventure. So, prepare the tissue, because the emotion comes with strength.

Official synopsis:Woody was always confident about his place in the world and the priority of taking care of his kid, whether Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called “Forky” to the room, a road trip-style adventure alongside old and new friends follows, which will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy.

Toy Story 4