6th Korean Cinema Exhibition starts on 05/30 in SP

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The 6th Korean Film Festival takes place in the city of São Paulo, between May 30 and June 9, in celebration of 70 years of diplomatic relations between Brazil and Korea.

In addition to showing films and Korean cinema objects, this year’s edition will feature Lee Eun Shim, an actress known for her role in “Hanyo the Maid”, one of the highlights of this year’s show, for a conversation with the public.

The organization is from the Korean Cultural Center in Brazil in partnership with the Cinemateca Brasileira, which lends its home.

Check out the event poster:

Movies showing:

Hanyo the Maid (1960)

“A songwriter and his wife have their lives turned into turmoil when a maid becomes more than they expected.”

Sunset in My Homeland (2017)

“Rapper Hak-soo participates in a TV listening program for 6 consecutive years, but never reaches the finals. One day, he gets a call from his hometown, and learns that his father is in the hospital. Concerned about his father, the metropolitan rapper runs to his homeland, the city of Byeon-san Upon arriving at his destination, Hak-soo is mistaken for a suspected coup, and is forbidden to leave the small and tedious city of Byeon-san . “

The Great Battle (2018)

“A historic film about the siege of Ansi Fortress and the epic eighty-eight day battle in which Yang Man-chun and his Goguryeo troops fought against 500,000 invading Tang dynasty men.”

The Throne (2015)

“Set in 18th century Korea, King Yeongjo’s long struggle with his son, Sado, sees the king taking extreme measures to deal with his heir.”

Rampant (2018)

“The action story of a hero named Lee Chung (Hyun Bin) who fights” night demons “to save the Joseon nation. Lee Chung is the son of the king and the greatest martial artist in the world. He is sent to the Qing empire in China as a political hostage, but returns to Korea on hearing that his brother, the Crown Prince, died, with monsters ravaging the country and military leader Kim Ja-joon (Jang Dong-gun) planning to overthrow the dynasty, the prince Lee Chung (Hyun Bin) will fight alongside his troops to defend his people. “

On Fire (2018)

“Jong-su bumps into a girl who lived in the same neighborhood as him, who asks him to take care of his cat during a trip to Africa. When he returns, she introduces Ben, a mysterious guy she met there, who confesses his secret hobby. “

Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet (2016)

“The life and death of Dongju Yoon, who dared to dream of becoming a poet during the difficult period of Korea’s occupation in Japan.”

My Little Forest (2018)

“A young woman gets tired of city life and returns to her hometown in the countryside.”


Date: May 30th ~ June 9th (on days 3,4 and 5 there will be no exhibition)
Location: Cinemateca Brasileira (Largo Sen. Raul Cardoso, 207 – Vila Clementino, São Paulo)

The ticket is free, just make the reservation on the link below, or send your details ( , and ) to the email address: [email protected] with the subject “Registration for a cinema exhibition 2019”.

Link for making reservations: https://www.facebook.com/events/599113257244037/