6 times Batman got married in the comics

6 times Batman got married in the comics

DC shocked the comic book world by launching the new Batman edition, in which the Dark Knight asks the Catwoman to marry him. While we don’t know if this request will actually turn into a wedding, it is interesting to remember that Bruce Wayne has already been married on several occasions in the comics.


The first time Batman almost got married in the comics was in issue 79, which was named “Batman’s Bride!”, And was written by David Vern, Dick Sprang and Charles Paris. First, it was the chance to shut up those who believed that the hero had no interest in women.

A Shah (name given to the Iranian monarchs who preceded the 1979 Islamic revolution) who was visiting Gotham on a diplomatic visit, decided that he wanted to marry Vicki Vale. The only way the reporter found to be able to escape from the wedding and also avoid any diplomatic accident was to claim that she was engaged to Batman. Bruce accepted, with the idea that it would be the best choice for his country, but a rival to Vicki complicated things by announcing the wedding date.

Batman, as intelligent as ever, made Bruce Wayne divulge to Vicki’s rival the information that she would have plastic surgery, so that she could hide and marry the hero. The Shah did not like the idea of ​​seeing that the beautiful reporter’s look would be changed, and the wedding was canceled.


After the introduction of Batwoman, it was only a matter of time before the writers created a story in which the two got married, and in issue 122 of the hero’s comic, it happened.

But the story, in fact, never happened, because it was all Robin’s dream, while he worried about what could happen if Batman married Batwoman.

Hopefully, who was also concerned about this was his loyal butler and father figure, Alfred Pennyworth. He wrote a fictional future in which Batman and Batwoman were married and had children. One took on Robin’s mantle, while Dick Grayson became the second Batman. This happened in issue 131 of his comic.

Lois Lane

In issue 59 of Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane, Superman asked Batman to keep an eye on Lois Lane while away on a mission, and Lois began to believe that Bruce Wayne was the Man of Steel.

When Superman discovered this and that she was trying to marry Bruce, the two decided to make a cruel prank, in which Batman would agree to marry Lois, only for the Man of Steel to appear at the wedding.

30 editions later, the comic portrayed the wedding between Bruce and Lois, if it had really happened. In this case, Superman was quite jealous of this relationship, especially because his lover had married Batman before discovering his secret identity.

Cat Woman

The Dark Knight’s most famous wedding took place on Earth 2, in which he married the Catwoman of that reality, something that was first seen in the 17th edition of DC Super Stars.

The union of the two resulted in the birth of Helena Wayne, who became a hero after her mother was killed. The young woman became the Huntress (after the Infinite Earth Crisis, DC eliminated Earth 2 from its continuity, and the Huntress became Helena Bertinelli, daughter of a gangster, and became a hero to stay away from her family. 52, the Hunter’s cloak returned Helena Wayne’s hands).

Talia al Ghul

In a little-known edition of DC Special Series, Ra’s Al Ghul made Batman marry his daughter, Talia. The union was normally ignored until 1987, when Batman and Talia consummated their marriage in the graphic novel Son of the Demon.

Talia became pregnant, but later pretended to have an abortion after seeing that she and her baby were on their way to a Batman mission (which was aimed at stopping a disciple of Ra’s al Ghul, responsible for the death of Talia’s mother). The marriage was annulled.

Wonder Woman

And in the fourth edition of All New Batman Brave and the Bold, the hero got involved in yet another wedding. In the story, Eros decided that Wonder Woman was too focused on violence instead of love. Then, she cast a spell in which she fell in love with Batman, and the opposite also happened.

They were married at a huge event, and of course, several villains showed up to spoil the party. It was later revealed that the two pretended to have been victims of the spell, as they knew that the marriage between Batman and Wonder Woman would attract several villains.

Wonder Woman broke the spell after Batman used the Lasso of Truth on herself, and he managed to get rid of it after remembering that he was in love with another woman, Justice itself (yes, that famous statue of a woman who represents the Justice). But that made Superman and Robin wonder if it wasn’t an excuse for Batman not to admit his love for Catwoman.

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