6 animes with weak endings or that were not even finished

6 animes with weak endings or that were not even finished

For otaku who accompany animes or manga for a long time, it is natural to create expectations for an epic ending. However, not always having a good TV audience is enough for the plot to win a successful conclusion.

As most animes adapt literary works (light novels or manga), there is an intention to increase sales of originals and profit from sales of DVDs and Blu-Ray’s. In some cases, these sales fail and, even with a high number of viewers on TV, the anime needs to be finished ahead of time.

It also sometimes happens that the manga itself is hastily closed and leaves questions unanswered, which hinders the development of the anime.

The list, below, brings together 6 animes with weak endings or that have not even been finalized. Check out:

1) Bleach

Along with One Piece and Naruto, Bleach closed the “holy trinity” of Shounen Jump. In the final years of publication, however, it went from legend to joke.

His popular polls showed ridiculous results and the low sale of the manga forced the author, Tite Kubo, to finish his work even with several open questions to make room for new publications. Thus, the anime ended up canceled without even bringing the final arc of the manga.

2) Ranma 1/2

Often credited as one of the first anime / manga to be successful outside Japan, Ranma 1/2, by Rumiko Takahashi, was not very successful in its first version. The audiovisual production had only 18 episodes and ended up being canceled due to the low audience.

However, studio Deen insisted and relaunched the anime Ranma 1/2 Nettouhen, also changing its time slot, finally exploding and making success with 142 episodes. With 3 years on the air and Takahashi still without completing his work, the producers chose to create an original ending for the anime, which left loose ends.

3) Rurouni Kenshin

With six films, two specials and a legion of fans, Nobuhiro Watsuki’s manga, which received the name Samurai X in Brazil, did not have the deserved adaptation for the anime.

The story followed the plot to a certain point, being filled with content invented and different from the manga. The worst part is the detail that the final episode, The end of summer, was never aired in Brazilian lands due to the disappearance of VHS / DVD during the coming of the East.

4) Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas

When we think of canceled anime, one of the first names that come to mind for otaku is The Lost Canvas. The Saint Seiya spin-off came to have two seasons before the sudden – and still confused today – cancellation.

Even with petitions and constant manifestations from fans, the chances of the anime coming back are practically nil. Shiori Teshirogi’s manga, in turn, was released between August 2006 and April 2011, with 25 volumes in total.

5) High School of the Dead

The case of High School of the Dead is different from those cited here. Both the anime and the manga have been on hiatus since the death of screenwriter Daisuke Sato, due to heart disease, in 2017.

The return of the anime has already been speculated a few times, since it is not uncommon for an animated production to follow a different path from the original work, however, it was never officially released.

6) Trinity Blood

Sunao Yoshida’s series of light novels was initially published in a fictional journal. Then, he won a manga designed by Kiyo Kuujou and the anime broadcast on WOWOW.

The three adaptations have notable differences. However, Yoshida also ended up dying without finishing his work and only the anime had a finalization, signed by other producers.

Even though they were aware of what happened, the fans did not like the ending given to the work and, just like in High School of the Dead, they will never know the real ending.