5 zombie apocalypse movies to take advantage of the quarantine

5 zombie apocalypse movies to take advantage of the quarantine

In view of the quarantine restrictions, activities have become boring, social networks are still the same and the favorite film has become a very predictable “soap opera” from being watched so much.

In this perspective, new films are essential for the good use of this occasion, which, by many, is considered apocalyptic. And, if it is so called, why not highlight the 5 best apocalypse movies (zombies only) in full quarantine?

Here is the list of the best zombie apocalypse movies:


The 2010 film, directed by Ruben Fleischer, brings a fun and bloody story in the vision of young Columbus, who tries to survive by strictly following his three rules: fast heartbeats attract danger, even in the bathroom, with his pants down, stay alert and find a partner to accompany you.

Following this combo of rules, the adventure in search of a safe place brings the exciting history of Zumbilândia.


Synopsis: The population was infected with a virus that causes people to turn into zombies. Few are uninfected humans, including Columbus, who wants to return to his hometown in hopes of finding his parents still alive. On the way, Columbus meets Tallahassee, who is going to Florida to annihilate zombies, and hitchhikes. Upon stopping at a grocery store, the pair find Wichita and Little Rock, who appear to have been bitten by a zombie, which divides the group about what to do.


The film that won over admirers of novels and more than $ 100 million at the box office, tells a story in which the main character, a zombie, begins to behave differently when discovering his interest in a human, treading a hope in love for the cure of evil.

My boyfriend is a zombie

Synopsis: In a post-apocalyptic world, a romantic zombie falls in love with a human and their involvement creates a chain reaction. He wants to prove that zombies can change, but the scenario indicates a battle between the living and the undead.


Here is one of the biggest South Korean box office hits on your screen! The 2016 work, which won four grand prizes, reports the emotional journey of a father and his daughter to the safest station in South Korea, highlighting in the characters the courage and the struggle for survival inside a train in full zombie infestation. .

Zombie Invasion

Synopsis: South Korea decrees a state of emergency after an unknown virus has taken over the country. Some people try to escape from zombies and get trapped in a bullet train that is en route to Busan, the only city that has not been affected by the virus.


For those who like a little romance in an apocalyptic way, this film can be recommended, despite the work of 2016, with the direction of Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, presenting the formation of a couple throughout the film, values ​​such as cherishing the family unity and scientific help in trying to get rid of the parasite are some of the biggest highlights of the work.


Synopsis: Struggling after a recent family tragedy, teenager Emma Drakeford starts making a documentary about her life. Your world changes completely when a terrible virus turns your community into fierce monsters.


Anyone who has never imagined themselves in a zombie attack does not know what it is to look at all sides with possible escape routes! And this is how the 2004 film unfolds through the vision of nurse Ana (Sarah Polley) and expands to find, throughout her escape, survivors of the eminent zombie attacks. The story contains several obstacles that question the ethics and empathy of the characters and, above all, worthy scenes of a terrifying zombie plague.

Dawn of the Dead.

Synopsis: After an evil turns most of humanity into bloodthirsty zombies, a small group of survivors finds refuge in a shopping mall. It is only a matter of time before the undead arrive, and the food is running out. When electricity is cut off, the group must find a way to escape the hundreds of zombies that take over the streets.

And, for everyone, a good movie!