5 series for those who liked ‘Toy Boy’ on Netflix

5 series for those who liked ‘Toy Boy’ on Netflix

debuted in Netflix at the end of February and won a wide audience. So, see series that deal with the same theme.

For those who have already finished the series and want another one to put in its place, we have separated 5 programs that portray the same theme.

Check out 5 series for those who liked on Netflix:

Baby (2 seasons)

Two teenagers decide to live two completely different realities: that of a wealthy neighborhood in Rome, where they reside, and that of a city underworld.

Tired of living in their family and friends, they embark on a new adventure.

Baby series.

The Successor (2 seasons)

Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, a powerful head of drug trafficking in Galicia decides to retire.

Furthermore, he decides to leave his empire to one of his heirs. However, this will only be possible if your right arm allows it.

The Successor Series

The Client List (2 seasons)

When her husband disappears, housewife Riley Parks starts working as a massage therapist at a spa, which secretly offers sexual services. Your challenge is to balance this double life.

Thus, the two seasons of The Client List are available on Netflix.

The Client List series.

The Last Dragon (season 1)

To take over his grandfather’s command post in a cartel, he returns from Tokyo to Mexico. Thus, it will dispute the control of business with two other rivals.

Soon, on the first day of April, the second season of the series will premiere.

The Last Dragon Series.

Barra Bravas (1 season)

This season, a woman tries to free an Argentine soccer team from the crimes and corruptions that permeate her fanatical fans.

Barra Bravas Series