5 romantic comedies to watch on Amazon Prime Video

5 romantic comedies to watch on Amazon Prime Video

In the midst of this serious new coronavirus pandemic, romantic comedies are the perfect light, fun type of film to distract and relax. So, check out some Amazon Prime Video movie tips to watch whenever you’re feeling stressed or sad, as they’ll make you believe in love again.

5 Romantic Comedies from Amazon Prime Video

1- The Royal Hibiscus Hotel (2017)

The film The Royal Hibiscus Hotel tells the story of Ope, a woman who wants to become a great chef in London, and then open her own restaurant. However, she faces many problems to realize her dream. Thus, she ends up resigning from the restaurant where she worked and returns to her parents’ home in Nigeria. When he gets there, he starts to work at the family hotel, while dealing with the mysterious and attractive Deji, one of those interested in buying the place.

2- A Prince in My Life (2004)

A prince in my life its protagonist is Paige Morgan, an American teenager who is attending medical school. She has always been pragmatic and never believed in fairy tales, however, everything changes when she meets Eddie, a lovely exchange student.

However, what Paige doesn’t know is that Eddie is actually Edvard, the Crown Prince of Denmark. He came to the United States because he was unhappy with the fate his parents had set for him. However, what will happen to their relationship when Paige finds out?

3- The Wedding of My Dreams (2001)

The film The Wedding of My Dreams takes place in San Francisco, United States, and brings the story of Mary Fiore, a wedding planner. It all starts when Mary was about to have a serious accident, when a man saves her and she passes out. Mary wakes up in a hospital and finds her rescuer, pediatrician Steve Edison.

Shortly thereafter, a colleague of Mary’s arrives at the hospital, and convinces the doctor to watch a movie with both of them on an outdoor display. So Steve and Marry approach and end up dancing together, but when they went to kiss each other a terrible rain disturbs the moment. The next day, when she meets her newest client Fran Donolly, she discovers that Steve is the groom of the wedding that she will have to organize.

4 – Improbable Couple (2019)

Improbable Couple brings the story of two childhood acquaintances who meet years later. Charlotte Field is now the US Secretary of State and will soon be running for president. Meanwhile, Fred Flarsky is an investigative journalist who resigns after the website he works for is sold to a media conglomerate.

So they both meet at a party and Charlotte ends up deciding to hire Fred to write her campaign speeches, because she is tired of working with people who don’t know her. However, something unexpected happens, they end up falling in love.

5- I love You Phillip Morris (2010)

I love You Phillip Morris is a film based on the true story of Steven Jay Russel, a scammer who has escaped prison multiple times. Thus, the film begins with the marriage of Russel with his wife Debbie until its current calm life. However, everything changes after a terrible car accident, which makes Russel decide to assume his true self, thus revealing to be homosexual.

He soon discovers that the ideal video style for his true self is extremely expensive, and so he proceeds to make several strokes to get more money. Then, Russell is arrested and in jail he meets his true love Phillip Morris. So he does everything he can to keep them together forever.

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