5 Rainbow Rowell books to read when you become a young adult

5 Rainbow Rowell books to read when you become a young adult

The beginning of adulthood is a very difficult moment, whether due to the weight of independence, the moments of college outbreaks or even the existential crises of not knowing what life is doing.

At times like this, sometimes what you need is some inspiration or just something that shows that it’s okay to have doubts about life. A great request is reading, as the books by the American author Rainbow Rowell.

Rainbow is one of the biggest Young Adult themed book writers in the world. Its main theme is the mixture of reflection and personal growth with a little romance (because nobody is iron) and, therefore, any of your books is an excellent read for young people who have just discovered what it is like to have to pay bills and manage themselves.

But, to make your life easier, today’s text talks about the 5 best books of the author to read in this very special moment in our lives.


Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl book

The book tells the story of Cath, a girl very fan of a saga of books – half Harry Potter style – called, who is about to enter college along with her twin sister, Wren.

The protagonist is a very introverted girl who sees writing as her escape valve, being one of the most famous writers on the internet. Cath’s story is a learning trajectory about how to face your insecurities and learn to use your fears with strength and advantage.

The book is extremely cute and shows a strong development of the main character, in which she learns who she really is and to trust herself above all.

This is an easy book to identify with the main character and to learn lessons about himself, because, from the learnings that the young fanfiction writer is developing, it is noticed that many of them have relationships with the moments spent by most of the people in the age group, such as: difficulty adapting to sudden changes, discovering how to develop as a professional and doing everything to give you strength at very decisive moments in life.

To make matters better, romance is the most beautiful thing in the universe, being one of the ways to reinforce Cath’s need to take charge of her life and stop thinking too much and never acting.

it is a worthwhile reading, not only because of the main arch, but because all the characters in the story are incredible and very reminiscent of some people you know. History will make you more optimistic about life and its future.

This is the Rainbow book that I love the most in this world and that will help you the most if you are someone who does not have the courage to take the initiative of your own life.


Connections book, by Rainbow Rowell.

tells the story of Georgie McCool, a television series screenwriter who is passionate about her work, who experiences a crisis in her marriage, made worse when she decides not to travel with her husband, Neal, and their daughters to his family home during Christmas, due to an opportunity at work.

Desperate to try to maintain her 15-year marriage with her husband, but also aiming for greater prestige in her career, the main character remains at home.

But when she finds an old phone from the time she was in college and her relationship with Neal was in the beginning, she discovers that she somehow manages to communicate with her current husband’s version of the past and, from those calls, reflects the what to do in the present to save their marriage, trying to find out if the love of that time still exists between them.

This book is not one of the author’s most famous, but I think it talks a lot about growing up. The main character, at the beginning of the story, is no longer a young adult, but the reflections made by her about her values ​​in the period when she started her adult phase, make him a book about choices – so much for being a turn in the time when it raises the question of “what if I had done it differently?” both because it talks a lot about the duality between the search for the fulfillment of a dream and the maintenance of social relationships, as in the case of a loving relationship – which makes the work a very valid option for those who are in a period of change and decisive choices in life.

The main couple is composed of two very interesting characters and the perception of the feelings between them is made very subtly through the dialogues, which makes the reader gradually fall in love and root for their relationship.

it demonstrates how, at times, we forget to maintain the balance between the search for professional success and the maintenance of the relationship with the people that matter most to us, which will make you reflect on solutions so that Georgie’s problems do not occur with you.

This is a story with a very simple structure, but very sweet and light, which makes reading easy, something perfect for students who have a huge list of academic texts to read and who do not need the entertainment to be complicated either. This book, perhaps, will help you remember to value who you love, despite the rush of life.


Rainbow Rowell's Carry On book

de, this story is, in short, the complete Cath fanfic. It tells the story of a wizard student at the school of magic in England who is considered “The Chosen One” of the prophecy that will save the magical world – however, he is the worst possible choice, being one of the school’s most dragged students and getting rid of to be constantly expelled for being protected by the director; its magic is powerful, but also uncontrollable.

The main challenge of the main character is having to deal with the increasing pressure that he controls his power in order to save the magical world, which, more and more, has been losing magic.

To make matters worse, his roommate and possible villain in the story according to Simon, Baz, is missing and probably hatching a plan to destroy Snow (as Baz calls him).

This story, although the synopsis is very HarryPotter style, has much more than monsters and fantasies. It is a trajectory of learning about the expectations of others before us versus who we really are, in addition to the search for self-knowledge (we cannot forget that, theoretically, who writes this story is the confused and insecure Cath).

The romance of this story is introduced in a very sweet and delicate way and comes to reinforce Simon’s need to impose himself as an individual and not as what others want from him.

The book is a lot of fun and is a great vehicle for entertainment and also for learning, because Simon, like many of us, suffers from external pressure to meet different expectations and the need to know who really is outside those expectations.

it is, like most Rainbow books, a story full of cute, reflective dialogues that makes you want to tell people you love how much they represent to you, it is a great request for any audience, because it has everything: fantastic creatures, cute characters, extremely intelligent characters, social issues, action, adventure, romance and lots of reflections to do about yourself.

My love for CarryOn is extremely strong and, if I could, I would hug Simon a lot and say that he doesn’t need to suffer so much because of the pressure of the whole school on him. If you read this story and don’t identify with the part other than vampires and other creatures, you are very privileged, yes!

You don’t have to have read to read this book, in fact, it’s even more fun to read it first.


book Annexes, by Rainbow Rowell.

tells the story of Lincoln, a guy who just returned to his hometown to work at a job that seemed to be extraordinarily cool. But, in fact, it boils down to reading employees’ emails to ensure that there is nothing inappropriate happening in them, in the year 1999 when people talked to others by email as if it were chat.

The story takes place between the emails of two friends, Beth and Jennifer, and Lincoln reacting to reading those emails. The work is very funny and each of the characters brings a little more joy, from the main, Beth and Lincoln, to the secondary as the mother of the main and the friends who played with him.

This book entertains in all its spheres and shows the main characters’ struggles to mature and try to achieve what they want, whether with Lincoln and his shyness that prevents him from achieving achievements for a long time in life – and that makes him stay reading the girls’ emails quite amused by the spontaneity of their conversations – be it Beth’s unrealizations with her family and who, with the passing of the emails, gets to know her impediment to love herself more, to accept her body (as is left clear several times during conversations with Jennifer in which she reports events of shame of her own body, as in the case of her always wearing coats when she is in a tank top so as not to show her arms).

This storyline amuses and shows young people how we need to overcome personal impediments, such as fear of family pressure or believing that we are unable to achieve certain achievements in life, and seek to fulfill the desires that we so crave.

RainbowRowell makes it clear that nothing is impossible and that it is necessary to try. I think that all of us, people half lost in this world, need to believe this and nothing better than having fun reading a humorous story and with a very interesting novel – which is gradually building up.

Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor and Park

tells the story of the two characters who give the book its name who, despite their differences, develop a novel. Eleanor is a new girl at school who has a very troubled family, while Park is a Korean boy in love with music and comic books.

This is a story about first loves and how, usually, their endings are sad and striking for a lifetime.

This is the most adolescent book on the list, but it still does not remove its reading value for people who have already left high school and that the focus is no longer passing an entrance exam, but getting the dream job or simply an internship.

The most general part of is very cliché and has nothing to do with the theme that a young adult is focused on, since, during this period, the first love, usually, has already happened and, most likely, it is already passed. But what this book hides behind the story of the new girl with the typical high school guy is several social dramas that make us reflect a lot on how the lives of each of us have very deep layers that few see.

This book, in spite of some questionable questions about xenophobia (something we don’t know if it was deliberate because it refers to the 90s, in the United States, or because of the author’s sheer error) brings us a lot of the idea of ​​empathy, of how we need to see the another beyond your appearances.

In addition to these social issues, this book shows the maturity of the main characters, who live in completely different realities and learn to observe the world differently with each other.

It is a sad story, but incredibly beautiful, that is very worth reading in this moment of growth, because it makes us think about how, sometimes, we need to give ourselves a little hope and love in complicated situations and also expectations, many times, are broken.