5 national films to watch on Amazon Prime Video

5 national films to watch on Amazon Prime Video

If you are passionate about national films or simply enjoy watching movies in Portuguese, check out some movie tips to watch on Amazon Prime Video. So, have fun with comedy, romance, drama and even horror stories, all set in a familiar Brazilian setting.

5 national movies from Amazon Prime Video

1- Macabre County (2015)

THE Macabre County is a horror film directed by Marcos DeBrito, André de Campos Mello. So, it all starts with a group of 5 young people who decide to rent a country house to spend the holiday in a small country town. However, what looked like a fun trip turns into a major massacre. So, find out what really happened amid the testimony of the main crime suspect, a clown.

2- Armored Marriage (2013)

The film Armored Wedding, directed by Del Rangel, is a fun romantic comedy in which the story of the couple Antonio Carlos and Clarinha is told. So it all starts when Clarinha is helping her younger brother to plan her wedding, while her husband is busy with his veterinary job. Over the days the relationship of both starts to deteriorate without the couple even realizing it. However, along the plot it is shown how both try to reconstruct their relationship, even in the midst of fights and confusions.

3- Rare Flowers (2013)

Rare flowers, directed by Bruno Barreto, is a biographical novel that tells the story of the Brazilian architect Lota de Macedo Soares and the American poet Elizabeth Bishop. Thus, the relationship between the characters is developed in the midst of the emergence of Brasilia, Bossa Nova and the military coup of 1964, which puts their freedom at stake.

4- Rita Lee: Black Sheep (2007)

Rita Lee: Black Sheep tells the story of one of the most famous national rockers, Rita Lee Jones. Therefore, we see the story of his life and career in the midst of the emergence of Tropicalism, while having to deal with the taboos of his time. The film was directed by Roberto de Oliveira and falls into the category of musical documentary.

5- Awakening: The Deadline (2019)

The film Awakening: The Deadline falls into the category of documentary and unfolds through several interviews. Then, events such as flying saucer appearances, the paranormal, near-death experiences and mediumship are explored throughout the work, all tied to the predictions of the Brazilian medium Chico Xavier. Thus, in order to show that the future of humanity is directed to a different plane from the current dimension.

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