5 games you should give a second chance to

5 games you should give a second chance to

We all know that certain games have a turbulent release, either due to the amount of bugs above the normal, low content or simply because it does not meet our expectations.

The following list presents some games that were beaten for the reasons mentioned above, but that deserve a second chance. Several of these are always on sale, so the low investment ends up paying off.

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1) Anthem

Anthem is the most recent release on this list and definitely one of the most controversial. The game had a beautiful trailer presented at E3 and promised a lot, but ended up delivering little.

Currently, the game is a little deserted, as many players have abandoned it. However, the title is part of EA Access, the company’s subscription system that allows you to play multiple titles without having to pay for each one.

With that in mind, it may be worth taking another chance. Despite the bugs, which have been fixed, Anthem is very cute and the premise of being an “Iron Man” shooting and flying all over the place is pretty cool.

2) No Man’s Sky

Classic example of a game with a complicated start, No Man’s Sky was widely criticized in its early period – basically, for promising what did not exist in the game.

Today, three years after its release, No Man’s Sky has grown, stabilized and is the way it should have been from the beginning.

All the criticism ended up paying off, as the game team strove to reverse the amazing difficulties of its early days. I wish all companies had such a commitment …

3) Assassin’s Creed Rogue

Assassin’s Creed Rogue is not a problematic game like the others on the list. His only sin is that he was the last to be released to the past generation.

With that, all the spotlight turned to Assassin’s Creed Unity, which could also be on this list, since it started with several bugs. However, the focus is Rogue and this is actually a very cool title, with its immersive story and gameplay that leaves nothing to be desired.

Another attraction of the game is its price, as it is often found on sale. So, if you want good hours of gambling, but you don’t have any money left, give this good title a try.

4) Destiny 2

Being a direct continuation of Destiny, many fans thought Destiny 2 would expand on its predecessor. It was not quite the case …

Destiny 2 has regressed in some ways, such as in difficulty, which has left people confused and even angry. Currently, after the expansion “Renegados”, the game is much more complete and the fans were happier.

It is worth mentioning that the responsible company, Bungie, wants the title to have crossplay in the future – that is, it will be possible to play with people between the different platforms.

In addition, it already has cross-save, which allows you to start the campaign on the PC and continue where you left off on Ps4, for example. All these changes already make the game much more attractive than it once was.

5) Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II was perhaps the game that made the gamer community rethink the issue of loot boxes. The game had a bad progression system in its beginning, requiring several hours of gameplay to unlock certain skills and characters or a credit card with a high limit.

The impact was so great that the relationship between EA, responsible for the games in the series, and Disney, which owns the rights to the franchise, was a little shaken.

Nowadays, despite still suffering from bugs here and there, the amount of content released is quite substantial, which ended up leaving the community satisfied, in general. Not to mention that this is another title present in EA Access and that is always with very low prices.

If you like Star Wars and are looking forward to the new film, it is worth purchasing Battlefront II, as it will have expansions around the next feature, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.