5 free streaming platforms for those who like cult movies

5 free streaming platforms for those who like cult movies

In addition to the conventional ones like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Telecine and Globoplay, there are other options for online cinema to satisfy moviegoers in that quarantine. Check out 5 streaming platforms for those who are fans of alternative cinema, cult movies and movie classics:

streaming platforms for cinema lovers

Free platforms for those who enjoy cinema classics

1. Petra Fine Arts

Cinema Petra Belas Artes has a free platform with several iconic titles such as e. Not attached to Hollywood titles, it features films of various nationalities.

The website separates the films into fun categories such as “HAHAHA”, “Every movie buff needs to see before he dies” and “If you never saw a cult film, start here”. To have access to the films, just register completely free.

It is possible to add several films to your list and enjoy the good of cinema. To access Cine Belas Artes, click here.

2. SP Cine Play

SP Cine Play is the only public platform in Brazil. The curatorship shows films from the main exhibitions and film festivals in São Paulo, extolling Brazilian cinema.

It is not necessary to register to have access to film productions. You can watch the best of Brazilian cinematography, including classics that help tell the country’s history. To access the site, click here.

3. Mediate Movies

The independent cinema in Portugal, Medeia Filmes, is showing on its website the films shown in the week, which are not being allowed to be shown in physical cinema due to the social isolation recommended to contain the spread of the new coronavirus. The various titles are free, just access the site to guarantee your movie quarantine. To access the website, click here.

4. Sesc TV

TV Sesc’s programming is integrated with cinema, concerts, documentaries, series, interviews and debates in the areas of theater, music, dance, literature, visual arts, architecture and human sciences. The available content aims to propose a reflection on Brazilian cultural diversity and can be accessed free of charge. To visit the site, just click here.

5. Classic Cinema Online

Those who like the great classics of cinema have found their place. The Classic Cinema Online platform offers free titles such as e. It is also possible to find the first version of Walt Disney animations like, among other titles. To access the website, click here.

Bonus: Despite not showing films, FuturaPlay, TV Cultura’s platform, is also free and has several original series, chats and documentaries in its catalog. To access it, click here.