5 films from the 80s that should not be forgotten

5 films from the 80s that should not be forgotten

Every moviegoer is aware that the most iconic films in world cinema emerged from the 1980s. So we separated 5 from best movies of this decade, that are not so talked about in the media, but that certainly must not be forgotten no way. Follow the thread:

1 –

In this work directed by Joe Dante and produced by Steven Spielberg, an inventor goes in search of a gift for his son and finds something super interesting in a store in Chinatown.

The shopkeeper is a little apprehensive about selling the little creature, but ends up accepting as long as some requirements are met: it cannot be exposed to light, water, or fed after midnight. Obviously, the boy does not meet these requirements and the creatures become uncontrolled little monsters that terrorize the city on Christmas Eve.

2 –

A group of friends find a treasure map in the house’s attic and begin to follow the clues, discovering a fabulous underground world full of adventures, dangerous traps, secret passages and an old pirate ship that hides many gold coins. Watching the movie, you feel like you’re on the adventure with the characters, a great movie.

3 –

With the screenplay of none other than Stephen King, the film chronicles the adventures of four boys who, after the accidental death of a stranger near their home, decide to go and see the body.

On the way, they encounter a man in a swamp full of leeches. What was once a simple joke now becomes a great adventure that will forever mark the lives of boys.

4 –

In my humble opinion, the best of the decade! It is about a couple who live in a house further away from the city and, after dying in a car accident, start to haunt her.

After a while of their deaths, a new family buys the house and the ghosts try unsuccessfully to scare them away. His countless attempts end up attracting another gaudy spirit that endangers the couple of souls and the family’s only daughter.

5 –

Five students at an American school commit minor crimes and, as a punishment, are forced to stay in school for Saturday writing an essay about their view of themselves.

Everyone with completely different personalities, included in different social groups, spend the day getting to know each other better and accepting their differences, giving the start to the beginning of a great friendship.

So, have you seen any of these? If not, run to download and take advantage of the quarantine to get them up to date, it’s really worth it!