5 Easter movies to watch during the holiday

5 Easter movies to watch during the holiday

THE Easter it is originally a religious holiday and this year it will be on April 12th. Many are expected chocolate eggs, but it’s also time to enjoy it with the family at home.

Here we have collected 5 films about Easter to learn about its meaning and to have fun. Check out:

Director Tim Hill’s animation delights adults, children and the elderly. The film tells the story of Junior, a bunny who doesn’t like responsibilities, but loves playing the drums and dreams of being successful with music. His only problem is that his father is none other than the famous Easter Bunny. Therefore, he wants his son to continue his work.

But Junior does not want the same as his father and so he flees to Los Angeles in search of his dream. Upon arriving in Hollywood he is hit by Fred Lebre, a boy who is also looking for another life. During the course of the story they become friends and together they go in search of their dreams and have to solve a dilemma to save Easter.

Hop - Rebel without Easter (2011) |  Photo: IMDb reproduction.

The film tells a story, during the Easter season, in which the dog Zeus is the protagonist. While his family goes on a cruise, he stays at a dog day care center.

However, in the middle of the holiday, three troubled criminals try to sabotage the clinic. And to save the place and Easter, Zeus takes action together with other friends.

It is a great indication for the family and of course, for those who love dogs.

The Dog That Saved Easter (2014) |  Photo: Reproduction

Easter originally celebrates Jesus’ resurrection three days after his crucifixion. Therefore, there are several film productions that tell the story of Jesus. The film (2004), by director Mel Gibson, is one of those productions.

Passion of the Christ (2004) |  Photo: IMDb reproduction.

The drama narrates the 12 hours of life of Jesus Christ and portrays moments in his life until Judas’ betrayal. The focus is on the story of his condemnation and crucifixion that falls on the resurrection, the religious significance of Easter. However, it is a film more for adults because it contains scenes of violence and even having a historical character, it is considered heavy for children.

Another indication of a more religious theme due to the meaning of Easter is (2016), directed by Kevin Reynolds. Although the film divides opinions for its performances and plot, it also has the resurrection of Jesus as its theme.

It depicts the mission of a Roman centurion who is sent by Pontius Pilate, the governor of the Roman province of Judea, to investigate Christ’s resurrection and locate the alleged missing body. The aim is to refute fears that He had really risen and prevent a revolt.

Being an adventure animation that delights the whole family, the film by director Peter Ramsey is a great option for the holiday.

The film explores the charm of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and Sandman, the four guardians who protect children around the world.

However, there is a villain in this story: Breu, the Boogeyman. He knows that from the moment children stop believing the guardians’ stories, they become weaker.

Therefore, the villain has a plan to destroy the group. He intends to transform all the sweet dreams of children into nightmares, to generate fear. And then, surprisingly, a fifth and new guardian is assigned to help others: Jack Frost.

The interesting thing is not only the story, but also the way all the guardians have taken on a new form. The Easter Bunny, for example, is actually a 1.85 m tall “rabbit” and uses boomerangs. Easter gets special scenes that show the rabbit hole and the production of chocolate eggs.