5 DC characters who won’t stop dying

5 DC characters who won’t stop dying

Founded more than 80 years ago, DC Comics and its beloved characters have gone through countless battles, spanning multiple generations. The DC Comics Universe itself has been restarted and rewritten several times. Which means that the characters we know and love have died several times, and new ones have taken their place.

Fortunately, most DC Comics heroes and heroines are too strong (and popular) to be kept dead for long. That said, there have been some dramatic and dramatic events in these more than 80 years of history, and almost all heroes have fought and died at some point to keep those they love safe from danger.

Unfortunately, some of the characters were murdered several times, making the weight of the act empty and meaningless for most readers.

So, without further ado, here are five characters who keep dying in the comics.



Batman’s faithful companion has proven to be quite useful over the years, and those who wore the “wonder boy” outfit have gone on to become heroes extremely dear to the public. Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Jason Todd and even Damian Wayne gave the character a great breath of personality.

But there is a problem in the whole story of Robin, however, and frankly, it is a setback with any character who aligns with Bruce Wayne. Batman villains always discover that the perfect way to reach Bruce is through the people he loves. And Robin has usually managed to be the pivot in that situation.

The Robins were kidnapped, beaten, blown up, even beaten to death. And we believe that Robin deserves better, so we expect Chris McKay to deliver an epic film about Dick Grayson.


Death of Superman

The Man of Steel had arguably the biggest death of any superhero in the history of comics when he passed away in the 1992 arc, The Death of Superman. In the comic, Superman is the only hero who can stop the war machine that is Doomsday, a creature that had been resurrected thousands of times over time, growing stronger with each subsequent death.

The fight itself is incredibly brutal and full of carnage, and was even partly used as inspiration for the film Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Since then, Superman has died more than five times in the comics, and was also presumed dead in Bruce Timm’s Justice League cartoon. One of the greatest acts a hero can perform is the act of sacrificing himself, and Superman has sacrificed himself for the good of mankind countless times.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman died numerous times, both inside and outside continuity, in real and artificial realities, and even in the hands of those closest to her.

Diana also died about five times during her DC Comics story, the most famous being Crisis on Infinite Earths, when she was turned into clay. She was also brutally murdered by Steppenwolf in Earth 2, vol. 1 .

The Princess of the Amazon, as well as the Man of Steel, is an icon that other characters have to demonstrate their strength against. Nothing else represents the term “formidable enemy” like being able to put Wonder Woman below Earth level. It is also a way to keep the audience and their allies in their hands, because it is not easy to take over the Apokolips armies without Diana.



Batman loves to die, but in his defense, he does it in a much bigger way than almost any other character. He usually doesn’t die at the end of a brutal heads-up fight, or from being overcome. No, Batman usually dies in the most horrible ways possible, and usually in the hands of his greatest enemy, the Joker.

A particularly horrible death was in Action Comics vol 1. Issue # 770, where Mr. Mxyzptlk is given all the power to the crime clown, and he uses those powers to get the most out of Bruce. The Joker trapped Batman in a constant cycle of time, in which the Joker continually kills him and brings him back, and each death is more brutal and creative than the last. The worst variation is when Batman was destroyed by hundreds of vultures.