5 characters who may die at the end of season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow

5 characters who may die at the end of season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow

On Tuesday night (4), the last episode of the second season of Legends of Tomorrow will be shown. And it seems that he will not have anything pleasant or refreshing for his characters, due to recent events, which gave a darker tone to the final part.

In addition, in a recent interview with the ComicBook website, executive producer Phil Klemmer left the possibility of another death in the final episode up, and that things should be even more bleak next season.

Check out 5 characters that may die at the end of the second season of Legends of Tomorrow:

1) Nuclear


We’ve all seen Firestorm sacrifice itself to save Ronnie Raymond and Professor Stein at the opening of the second season of Flash. But on the other hand, he has the most varied range of skills, in addition to being visually attractive, something that must be very expensive for production.

Despite this, a character’s death is unlikely, as fans still want to see him using his powers at full strength.

2) Rip Hunter


Rip did not make any major appearances there during this season, which gives arguments for and against the character’s death

If he dies, we know that the team is fully able to continue without him, which can open up some fascinating possibilities for the team, and we would see Gideon trying to solve the next big puzzle without Rip’s help.

But without their presence, the team will once again have the status quo they had for most of the season, which may not help much for the end of the season.

3) Nate Heywood


We would not like to see something bad happen to Nate Heywood, because he is one of the highlights of this season. And actor Nick Zano’s chemistry with colleague Brandon Routh has given Legends of Tomorrow fans the closest chance they can see to a Blue Beetle and Golden Gladiator series.

But he’s on the list for a simple reason: his love story with Amaya had tragic consequences in the last episode. And for anyone who has seen his grandfather literally sacrifice himself for the greater good, Nate seems to be a great candidate to save Amaya (and by extension, the timeline).

4) Damien Darhk


A death of the villain Damien Darhk would have its positive and negative sides. The bright side is that he has already ended his participation in Arrow, so he can be “killed once and for all” in Legends of Tomorrow. Not to mention that Sara could have a new chance to kill the character, since she failed to open the second season

On the negative side, Darhk’s death would be one of the least impactful for the show, and it wouldn’t make a big difference.

5) Eobard Thawne / Flash-Reverso

The Flash -

The death of Eobard Thawne / Flash-Reverso is perhaps one of the most likely and desired by fans. Even before Legends of Tomorrow debuted, he became a time traveler, due to his involvement with the Flash series.

The fact that he is the most vicious villain of this season – to the point of being despised by his own partners – means that it would be very satisfying to see Thawne captured and consumed by the Black Flash.

Thawne’s death seems almost a guarantee. Unless anyone in the Flash series, change your “final destination”.

Source: Comicbook