5 actresses to play Supergirl in theaters!

5 actresses to play Supergirl in theaters!

Last week an article from the magazine Forbes commented that the film Supergirl can start production in early 2020.

Rumors point out that the heroine film would be beyond the introduction of the character in the DCEU, it would serve as a reboot for the Super man in cinemas, along the same lines, The Batman who climbed Robert Pattinson to be the character.

So, we ArrobaNerd we separated a list with 5 actresses to play the character in theaters.

1) Haley Lu Richarson

Haley Lu Richardson in The Edge of Seventeen (2016)

We saw the actress in Fragmented, in the unprecedented in Brazil, the drama Support The Girls, and also in the drama teen Five Steps from You, where Richarson was the highlight. The idea would be to present a Supergirl younger than the kryptonian cousin, and the actress is one of our favorites for the role.

2) Jessica Rothe

Jessica Rothe in Happy Death Day (2017)Photo: Universal Pictures

Jessica Rothe was somewhat marked by the franchise of Blumhouse, Death Congratulates You, but it could very well make the transition from terror to the superhero movie smoothly. Charisma she has as we saw in the two films of the franchise. For sure, recordings of Death Congratulates You 3, and the series Utopia, would not hinder those of Supergirl.

3) Adria Arjona

Adria Arjona already managed to enter this world of superheroes, in this case, an antihero, and is in the cast of the unprecedented Morbius with Marvel. The actress, best known for her roles on TV, was in the series Emerald City, True Dectetive and Good Omens.

The next projects include a Netflix movie with Ryan Reynolds and direction of Michael Bay called 6 Underground. Experience with great films she has, after all, been in the controversial Circle of Fire: The Uprising.

3) Jessica Stroup

Image result for jessica stroup

Jessica Stroup is another actress known by the public of the series based on the comics. Stroup heard Joy Meachum in the already canceled series, Marvel – Iron Fist.

The actress gained prominence in The Following, and in the new version of 90210 from The CW. At least working with reboots the actress knows, doesn’t she?

4) Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld in Bumblebee (2018)Photo: Paramount Pictures

The actress Hailee Steinfeld it was a risky bet by Paramount Pictures to be in Bumblebee, but it ended up being a pleasant surprise.

With the film’s screenwriter, Christina Hodson, already hired to write scripts for Warner as Batgirl, for example, who knows, the actress / singer no longer has a chance to participate in the DCEU as Supergirl?

THE Supergirl in DC Comics comics is a young teenager who escaped the planet Krypton as a child with her cousin Kal-El. When their ship crashes to Earth, Kal-El grows up as Clark Kent until he becomes Superman. In the cinemas the character was played by the actor Henry Cavill on three opportunities HSteel man (2013), Batman vs Superman (2016) and Justice League(2017).

Kara Zor-El has the secret identity on Earth, the journalist Kara Denvers and fights with her cousin as under Supergirl. The character has been played by the actress Melissa Benoist in the series shown by Warner Channel here in Brazil that is in its fourth season.

The film of Supergirl has no premiere date.