5 accessories that every gamer should have to improve the quarantine

(Person immersed in virtual reality.

The quarantine, without a doubt, is making people bored and bored. However, the gamer audience, of all ages, is using this pause to be able to “level up” and relax even with all the problems of real life. But not everything is a flower for players, as some great games scheduled for 2020 have been postponed, many still without a new release date. This is the case, for example, with The Last Of Us Part II and Watch Dogs Legion. With that, online games are more popular than ever and here is a list of the 5 accessories that every gamer should have. And it is suitable for fans of consoles, PC and even mobile.

Playstation VR

(Person immersed in virtual reality. | Photo: Reproduction)

Elected by Time magazine as one of the 25 best inventions of the year 2016, the Playstation Vr brings a unique and exclusive experience to people who already own the company’s console (PS4). In addition to providing immersive and very realistic scenarios, the set of virtual reality glasses comes with the PS camera, which makes it possible to perform streams directly from the platform. In addition, it allows access to games created especially for the accessory. For those who do not have the Sony console, there are also options for PC virtual reality glasses, such as the HTC VIVE and the Oculus Rift, which are not to be desired in any respect.

Mobile Control

  Ípega is a brand that has been gaining notoriety in the industry.  |  Photo: Ípega

The mobile gaming scene has already proved extremely lucrative and promising, with that some brands have decided to bet on the market and take it to another level with the adhesion of accessories that aim to improve the player experience. To this end, companies such as Ípega strengthen the sport with varied and useful controls in gambling. The device is compatible with several games, among them is the number 1 mobile game in Brazil at the moment, the Free Fire Battlegrounds, which has also been elected the most innovative game on the Google Play Store of the year 2019. Among the most famous models and of better quality are the Ipega PG-9021 and the Ipega 9088.

Play and Charge Kit

The kit is a great enabler for the Xbox One. |  Photo: Microsoft

This is certainly not the most innovative and technological item on the list, but it is perhaps the most necessary. Bearing in mind that there is a huge controversy behind the Xbox One controller, since the product has batteries. This alternative is able to promote hours of uninterrupted gameplay and generate savings for players who are already tired of constantly buying new batteries. There is a similar alternative for Nintendo Switch players, which are the charging stands for Joy-Cons (the platform controls). Unlike the support that comes with the Nintendo Switch, the support charges the controls so the user never runs out of battery.

Vertical base for console

  The vertical base can add additional charm to the console.  |  Photo: Casas Bahia

The vertical base for consoles can be an additional design for the platform and can bring several benefits. Some models have coolers that serve to lower the temperature of the device, increasing the life of the product. In addition, there are other features such as a station for loading controls and a compartment for placing the physical media of games. This is the case with the vertical base of Dobe, one of the main brands in this market. There are versions for Playstation Slim, Pro and Fat. And also alternatives from other brands to Microsoft’s platform lines.

Gamer Chair

For long game days, comfort is very necessary.  |  Photo: Reproduction

For those who have a taste for gamer life, it is likely that at some point he was faced with the discomfort caused by the long time of gambling, which disrupts the experience. The gamers chairs come to solve this problem with adjustable positions and with several models that serve to boost your setup, leaving you with your face and proposing benefits for the spine. Brands like AKRacing, Dazz and ThunderX3 are references and have several models ranging from the simplest and cheapest to the most daring and expensive.