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4L - movie review - naEKRANIE.pl

4L tells the story of two friends whose third companion has health problems. Famous for their passion for travel, the men decided in their old style to set off on a long way to perhaps meet their friend for the last time. He is accompanied by his daughter and accidentally encountered guests.

If anyone has had contact with director Gerardo Olivares before, he knows perfectly well that the creator love the image and presents us with the true beauty of our planet on the screen. Desert landscapes appear here very often and are always tasteful to the limit. The background also has characteristic music – the film is full-bodied. Unfortunately, but a beautiful picture does not always go hand in hand with decent content. This is the case with the new Netflix movie.

The problem here is not so much simple story solutions but simply unsuccessful attempts to say something more. The director in this humorous and visually sophisticated setting wants to tell us more about the fight against the forces of nature and respect for life and death. The thing is, however, that the adopted convention and patting the patterns of road cinema does not help in the final message.

The characters appear randomly and serve either as a temporary obstacle (Alain) or a spark that is supposed to push the story further and save the protagonists from oppression (Mamadou). Interestingly, Olivares does not strive to close all threads, as evidenced by this second hero disappearing from the screen in as misunderstood circumstances as his appearance.

Fortunately, there are moments when we are truly carried away by this story and the beauty of the desert that the heroes travel through. The story especially blushes when you calm down and rest from knocking on subsequent kilometers. Then interesting issues arise, including about immigrants. Only sometimes dialogues go for a moment in the direction of very unnatural sequences, but ultimately the exchange of views between the characters of Jean Reno and Hovik Keuchkerian mostly drips with gold.

Ultimately, the 4L movie managed to efficiently combine comedy and drama, and also presented interesting main characters. The second plan was taken carelessly, and the current events unfortunately fall into the traps typical of road cinema. So it is unlikely that someone will want to come back to this movie again, but if you like trips through exotic regions, then you can easily look into Netflix. It is far from ideal, but for Jean Reno and nice landscapes you can go on an uncomplicated trip with several feature holes.

Source: main picture: netflix