43rd International Film Festival in São Paulo releases poster for this edition

43rd International Film Festival in São Paulo releases poster for this edition

The poster for the 43rd edition of International Film Festival in São Paulo is signed by the Brazilian artist Nina Pandolfo, known for painting playful universes composed of girls with big, expressive eyes in graffiti on the streets of the city and on canvases displayed in São Paulo and foreign galleries.

According to the artist, the poster for this edition of the Festival highlights the art of cinema. “It all starts in the head: the ideas, the set design, the actor, when reading the script, thinks the character in his head. So the head is the center“.

It is from this head described by Nina that all the other elements of the poster are born: it is composed of a blue eye and a red eye, which symbolizes the old experiences with 3D glasses, and balloons that come out of them, as well as a house that resembles fairy tales. .

For her, “when you enter the universe of cinema, it is a journey that takes both creators and those watching. It is the union of several people, of several ideas that build the main universe – the film. That’s why there is this hodgepodge of inspirations“.

THE 43rd International Film Festival in São Paulo happens in São Paulo’s capital October 17th to 30th.

Nina Pandolfo

He started his artistic career in the 90s using canvas and walls as support for his art. Since then he has participated in urban intervention projects and exhibitions in galleries in Brazil and around the world, such as Germany, England, Spain, USA, Sweden, France, Greece, among others. In 2007, he was part of the team responsible for the creation and execution of the painting on the facade of Kelburn Castle, in Glasgow, Scotland. His work “A love like no other”(2013) is in the MAC-SP. Currently, Nina is preparing for other events in Brazil and for her next exhibition in London.