43ª Mostra SP | Dr. Caligari’s office is shown in Ibirapuera with a live soundtrack

 43ª Mostra SP |  Dr. Caligari's office is shown in Ibirapuera with a live soundtrack

One of the most awaited events by the public of Shows SP is the projection outdoors, in the external area of ​​the Ibirapuera Auditorium, a classic film with live musical accompaniment. In this edition of the event, the work chosen for the special session was Dr. Caligari’s Office, centenary film by Robert Wiene, important director of German cinema.

The 1919 film is considered ground zero and one of the masterpieces of German expressionism in cinema – artistic movement that distorted the contours of reality, bringing a more surreal and altered look to his works.

The labyrinthine web of Dr. Caligari’s Office shows Francis (Friedrich Feher), a student trying to solve a series of murders. The young man suspects that the crimes are the work of a hypnotist, Caligari (Werner Krauss), which presents itself as an attraction in an amusement park, and its accomplice, the sleepwalker Cesare (Conrad Veidt), who acts on the orders of his master.

In this edition, the musical accompaniment of the projection is on account of Brazil Symphonic Jazz Orchestra, conducted by the conductor João Maurício Galindo. The copy was provided courtesy of European Film Philarmonic Institute and the music provided by Stéphane Fromageot – a rereading of the original version, consisting of Giuseppe Becce.