4 things you need to know before watching MIB: Men in Black – International!

4 things you need to know before watching MIB: Men in Black - International!

The last film in the franchise MIB it was released there in 2012, and since then a lot has happened, hasn’t it?

Thus, in celebration of the launch of the new film with Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, we separated some little things for those who want to get sharp for the premiere.

1. Men in Black around the world

Photo: Sony Pictures

In the first film in the franchise, released in 1997, we Jay (Will Smith) be recruited by the veteran agent of the organization Men in Black, Agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones).

The sequel released in 2002, and then the film that closed the trilogy in 2012, showed the pair on missions against intergalactic threats that had plans to dominate the Earth, and for Earth, we say New York City. The first three films are set in the city, and have a mixture of Brooklyn 99 with any other police TV series with case episodes of the day.

So the new MIB: Men in Black – International, as the name says, it will show the organization’s offices outside the USA.

The film had scenes shot in London, Morocco and Italy.

2. Are Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson the new Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones?

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According to producers Walter Parkes and E. Bennett Walsh, the new MIB men in Black takes place after the events of the first trilogy.

The producers make it clear that the film is not a direct sequel to the same characters, but rather a kind of spin off, where the film takes place in the same universe, but with other characters.

In the plot, we will accompany the newly hired Agent M (Thompson) from the New York office, who is recruited for a case at the London branch, along with Agent H (Chris Hemsworth).

If we’ll see the pair of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the new film, even if in a special appearance, we will only know when the film opens.

3. Connections between the film and the original trilogy

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Apparently in the trailers what will connect the original trilogy with the new film will be the character of Agent O, head of New York headquarters and played by the actress Emma Thompson, which was featured in the third film in the franchise in 2012.

In the trailer we can see the characters of Jay & Kay on the walls of the office of one of the branches of the MIB. The chart shows the agents of the organization in the fight seen in the first film, released in 1997, against the alien who steals the farmer’s body Edgar (Vincent D’Onofrio).

4. New characters, new aliens and new weapons

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The atmosphere of the first films seemed to pay homage to the science fiction films of the 70s and 80s. The figures of the aliens were made with animated objects, practical effects, and with few special effects.

Even with a slightly strange look, they were advanced to the time, where the producer Rick Baker he even won prizes for the make-up of the dolls made for the films.

For MIB: Men in Black – International we must have enough digital special effects that are in the hands of Jeremy Woodhead who worked on the films Avengers: Age of Ultron and Doctor Strange. Thus, we should expect a lot of use of CGI both in the characters and in the special weapons that the agents of the organization use. The neutralizer, rest assured, it’s back!

The new characters must remain in the hands of Kumail Nanjiani like an alien with great comic relief, and yet Liam Nesson as the Head of the London Office.

The new project has a roadmap Matt Holloway and Art Marcum and direction F. Gary Gray of the Fast and Furious franchise.

MIB: Men in Black – International is scheduled to launch in Brazil on June 13!