4 things we discovered about the final Game of Thrones season!

4 things we discovered about the final Game of Thrones season!

With the characters of the series Game of Thrones on the cover of EW, in addition to new photos (check it out), we had an article that talked about what to expect from the new and last year of HBO’s mega-production.

So, we separate 4 things we discovered.

1. Various scenes and different emotions

One of the directors of the last year, David Nutter, says he recorded several moments with different tones for this final season. “There’s the funniest scene I’ve ever shot in the entire series. The most emotional and challenging too and we have a scene where we have, together, the largest number of main characters, which looks like a superhero movie. ”

2. More epic battles

The great battle between Winterfell and the army of King of the Night come here. The director Miguel Sapochnik, Emmy winner for Battle of the Bastards, will lead one of the episodes.

According to the publication it will be the longest battle sequence seen in the series, there were 11 weeks of recordings during the night, with temperatures in the region of minus 30 degrees

3. Arya in battles finally

The publication claims that Arya will finally participate in a major battle. Actress Maisie Williams comments “I skipped all the battle scenes year after year, which is bizarre since Arya has been training a lot.”

4. The long awaited last episode

The level of security was great, says journalist James Hibberd, he says that few people on the production team had access to the set during the recordings.

The other showrruner, Dan Weiss, comments “We want people to love. It means a lot to us. We spent 11 years on this. ”

The producer duo knows that the finale could divide fans. “We know that no matter what we do, even if it is the best version, a group of people will end up hating it.”

Further details of the new year were not released.

game of Thrones debut your day season April 14. Previous seasons are available on HBO Go.