4 series to watch on Facebook Watch, Facebook’s streaming service!

4 series to watch on Facebook Watch, Facebook's streaming service!

The streaming world doesn’t just live by Netflix. THE Facebook has launched on its platform, since 2017, original series that are released for free and some with Portuguese subtitles.

Are dramas, comedies, talk show ereality-shows who are little known, but like big names in Hollywood.

So, we separated 4 productions to watch on Facebook Watch:

4) Red Table Talk (Reality Show / TalkShow)

The actress Jada Pinkett Smith presents this reality show of life-style with her family, where the actress interviews guests in an intimate and provocative way.

The daughter Willow Smith and the mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones also participate.

Guests like the actress have passed the program Ellen Pompeo(Grey’s Anatomy) and the star (and husband!) Will Smith.

The first season has 23 episodes of 30 min duration.

Subtitles in English.

3) Strangers (Comedy)

Strangers is a comedy of up to 27 min and follows the life of Isobel (Zoe Chao), a young woman who, after taking her boyfriend’s foot and suffering a lot, realizes that life goes on and the bills accumulate. So, she decides to rent the extra room in her Los Angeles apartment to strangers and her life changes with each new resident.

There are two seasons with 17 episodes. No subtitles.

2) Queen America (Comedy)

Queen America is starring none other than Catherine Zeta Jones.

Production is described as a series of dark humor and accompanies Vicki Ellis (Zeta Jones), as the most important (and hard line!) Oklahoma Misses trainer, who has a great mission, when Samanta Cole (Belle Shouse) appears and wins the Miss Oklahoma title, so this duo will battle to take the competitor to Miss America.

In the cast, we still have Tom Ellis, Rana Roy, Megan West, Mickey Cole Jr. and Robb Derringer.

The first season has 10 episodes lasting 27 min. Subtitles in portuguese.

1 ) Sorry For Your Loss (Drama)

In a higher quality drama, Sorry For Your Loss has a cast formed by the trio Elizabeth Olsen, Kelly Marie Tran and Janet McTeer in a touching drama about mourning.

In the plot, we follow Leigh (Olsen), a young widow who must deal with the death (and secrets!) of her late husband Matt (Mamoudou Athie). The series has flashback moments that lead us to understand the whole situation.

There are 10 episodes of 27 min with subtitles in Portuguese. Already renewed for a second season.

THE Facebook Watch still has more than 50 original productions available.