4 reasons to watch the comedy Superstore!

4 reasons to watch the comedy Superstore!

If you are an orphan of The Office, loved Parks and Recreation, or even cried (even for a few days!) with the cancellation of Brooklyn 99, Superstore and to you!

With the seal of NBC comedy, the series is not well known in Brazil, where the Warner Channel broadcast the production here, during the week, at lunchtime, but we guarantee that it will be the most fun and unpretentious 20 minutes you will spend.

Created by Justin Spitzer, in The Office, Superstore accompanies a group of employees from a megastore called Cloud 9, do you know of those that sell everything? So, just like you think, with Mart at the end.

So, with the debut of the new season in Warner Channel in June, we separated 4 reasons for you to give the comedy a try!

1. The characters!

America Ferrera and Ben Feldman in Superstore (2015)SuperStore – 1 × 07 – Color Wars | Photo: NBC

The characters themselves are already a great reason to give the pilot episode a chance, the series has been on the air since 2015, and the fourth season now debuts on the channel.

Led by the talented America Ferrera, as employee leader Amy, Superstore is already guaranteed in its pair of protagonists. The series begins when a new employee Jonah (Ben Feldman), starts working on Cloud 9 and realizes that this store is not just any workplace.

So during the first few seasons, that “Office comedy” works the famous relationship “Will they be together?” of both, which guarantees good, hilarious, and sometimes embarrassing situations.

Complete the cast, the manager and head of security, the tough guy Dina (Lauren Ash), the general manager, the fumbling Gleen (Mark McKinney), and yet, the attendant employees, the flashy Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom), the competitive Mateo (Nico Santos), plus the fun promotion advertiser Garret (Colton Dunn).

The store, of course, has a lot of other characters, with less highlights, but that help to compose the staff of the place, whether they are from the store or the headquarters.

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The coolest in the main group of the series, everyone has their opportunities to develop their subplots, where Superstore throughout the seasons it tastes good to dose the stories during its episodes, 11 in the first season, and then 22, in the next.

2. Representativeness matters!

Superstore – 1 × 06 – Secret Shopper | Photo: NBC

Superstore it has a mega diverse cast, where the series uses its actors to give specific plots to its characters that represent different types of our society. We have Amy and Mateo with Latin descent and Jonah which turns out to be the representation of the privileged white-man.

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Already Garret, as he is in a wheelchair, he still has episodes focused on difficulties because of that. Already Kill him, also represents the LGBT community; Glenn focuses on your religiosity, and yet Superstore features the character of the senior employee Myrtle (Linda Porter). That is, Superstore works with several stories that make the identification with the characters become more real.

3. The hilarious themed episodes

Mark McKinney, America Ferrera, Ben Feldman, Colton Dunn, Lauren Ash, Nichole Bloom, and Nico Santos in Superstore (2015)Superstore 2 × 06 – Halloween Theft | Photo: NBC

Superstore throughout his seasons he delivered several thematic episodes. The highlights are for the sixth episode of the second season called Halloween Theft, where employees dress up and serve customers, and even the 3 × 05 – Sal’s Dead, where in full Halloween, the employees think that a colleague who died is part of the store decoration in the Halloween!

In 2016, the series even had a themed episode to celebrate the Olympics, the special 2 × 00 – Olympics, where employees organize actions inside the store to celebrate the sporting event. The episode features several appearances by famous sportsmen such as Tara Lipinski, Apolo Ohno, and McKayla Maroney.

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Superstore still has themed episodes of Day of Thanksgiving (2 × 10 – sexta-feira Negra), Valentine’s day (2 × 14 – Valentine’s Day), Christmas and New Year holidays (3 × 07 – Christmas Eve). And yet, the series has a hilarious episode, where employees get together to watch the Golden Globe (3 × 09 – Golden Globes Party).

In the fourth season, which arrives in June on the Warner Channel, we will also have special episodes of Easter (4 × 16 – Easter), and one that will celebrate a Quinceañera (4 × 17 – Quinceañera), our Debutante Ball.

4. Discussions on important topics

Kerri Kenney, Mark McKinney, Shelley Robertson, and Lauren Ash in Superstore (2015)SuperStore – 3 × 20 – Gender Reveal | Photo: NBC

Superstore in addition to having a very quick mood, and with numerous references to pop culture in general, there is still time to generate important discussions on themes and problems present in today’s society.

In the second season, we have the characters talking about creating a union for Cloud9, where they even go on strike in 2 × 01 – Strike, and even adoption and surrogacy with the episodes of the third season.

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The scripts of the series, still try to explain in a very simple way, questions about the elections and the voting process in 2 × 08 – Election Day, and still talk about maternity leave (1 × 11 – Labor), stereotypes and relationships in the workplace (1 × 03 – Shots and Salsa and 3 × 04 – Workplace Bullying), same-sex marriage (1 × 08 – Wedding Day Sale), arms control (2 × 03 – Guns, Pills and Birds), and of course, immigration, a subject that was much more present in the third season.

Superstore arrives with new episodes on Warner Channel in June 13at 13h.