‘365 Dni’ Laura responds to criticisms of female objectification

laura 365 dni female objectification

The actress Anna Maria Sieklucka, Laura from () spoke about the criticisms that the film has been receiving, especially as an apology for Stockholm syndrome and the objectification of women. Check out what the actress said about these themes and what is her view on the feminism.

laura 365 dni female objectification

In an interview with the portal, Anna Sieklucka was asked about the criticisms that the erotic film received, among them, about female objectification. Siecklucka replied that “everyone has the right to an interpretation.”

Everyone has the right to its interpretation. For me, it’s a film mainly about love. However, the people you mentioned will get their own interpretation, because they are entitled to it.

Reported Anna Maria Sieklucka (in free translation).

The actress also revealed – without going into too much detail – what she thinks about feminism and whether, in her opinion, it is a feminist film.

Is this a feminist film? [risos] I will answer this question in this way: we are living in a time when women deserve applause for having the courage to be confident and also for being aware of their own values.

Concluded the protagonist of (in free translation).