‘365 Dni’ breaks a record on Netflix that no other film has managed

‘365 Dni’ breaks a record on Netflix that no other film has managed

The Polish erotic film () continues to give what to say. Even involved in several controversies, including Stockholm syndrome, the film managed to break a record in Netflix, that no other film on the platform has achieved. Check out!

365 dni netflix

is one of the most watched movies on Netflix

Added to the Netflix catalog on June 8, has remained, since then, in the ranking of the 10 most watched films on the platform. But the record goes further. According to Forbes, the film lost the lead in the TOP 10 twice, but also regained it twice, which, according to the website, happened for the first time.

When we think the de is running out, all of a sudden, he returns to the top positions among the giant’s most popular titles. This shows the unprecedented longevity of a film in the TOP 10 Netflix.

Regarding the time occupied in the first place in the TOP 10, only the film () passes the Polish erotic, with 18 days in the position, against 10 of.

Still according to Forbes, it will for a long time be among the most watched films in the Netflix. And, since Michele Morrone confirmed that the film will have a sequence, it is likely that it will also become very popular on the platform.