3 unmissable fantasy sagas to read during quarantine

3 unmissable fantasy sagas to read during quarantine

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organization stipulated quarantine as a way to prevent the proliferation of the disease. So, people should stay at home, which is a great opportunity to explore their hobbies. So, for those passionate about books, here’s a tip:

Fantasy sagas to read during quarantine

The Tiger Saga

The Curse of the Tiger

THE Tiger Saga tells the story of Kelsey Hayes, an 18-year-old teenager who a few years ago lost her parents in a car accident. Now, she lives with her adorable foster family and is about to enter college. However, so that his new family doesn’t have so much expense, Kelsey decides to get a summer job and ends up working in a circus.

There she meets a mysterious white tiger with blue eyes called Ren and ends up feeling a strong connection with the animal, spending all her free time beside the tiger. Throughout the story, she discovers that Ren faces a severe curse and travels across India to help him, in a story filled with Hindu mythology.

The saga, written by Colleen Houck, has the books The Tiger’s Curse, Tiger Rescue, The Tiger’s Journey and Tiger’s Fate, and two extra books, The Tiger Promise and The Tiger’s Dream. To purchase them just click here.

The Mortal Instruments

City of Bones Book

Who doesn’t know the series Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments from Netflix? Well, the series was based on the saga of books The Mortal Instruments, written by Cassandra Clare. Thus, the story begins on the birthday of protagonist Clary Fray. She and her best friend, Simon Lewis, decide to go to a famous concert hall, called Pandemonium. However, shortly after entering the place, he ends up witnessing a murder. Clary is frightened and reports what happened to her friend and the security guard at the place, but everyone claims to have seen nothing, not even the mysterious blond boy who would have committed the crime.

The next day, Clary meets the boy at the party, however, while trying to find out what she saw last night, she receives a mysterious call from her mother. So, Clary runs back to her apartment, however, when she gets there everything is turned upside down and her mother has disappeared. Then, with the help of the mysterious blond boy, Clary sets out to find her mother, and amid angels and demons, discovers her true identity.

The saga The Mortal Instruments has 6 books: City of Bones, City of Ashes, Glass City, City of Fallen Angels, City of the Lost Souls and City of Heavenly Fire. To purchase them just click here.

The mediator

The Land of Shadows

The saga of books The mediator was written by Meg Cabot, the same writer in the book series The Princess Diaries. However, the mediator presents a very different story. It all starts when Suzannah Simon moves from New York to Carmel, California, to live with her mother, stepfather and new brothers. Her new home is beautiful, on top of a hill, however, Suzannah ends up winning an unexpected roommate, the ghost Jesse.

Suzannah always knew she was a medium, but she would like to lead a normal life in the new city and soon tries to expel Jasse. However, throughout the saga, she will discover that he is the least of her problems.

The saga The mediator has 7 books: The Land of Shadow, Arcane Nine, Meeting, The Darkest Hour, Haunted, Twilight and Memory. To purchase them just click here.