3 romance animes to watch on Valentine’s Day

3 romance animes to watch on Valentine’s Day

In Brazil, Valentine’s Day is celebrated once a year, on June 12th. However, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, many cannot go out to enjoy that day. So, to celebrate such a special date, check out some romance anime from Amazon Prime Video and fall in love with these beautiful stories.

3 Amazon Prime Video romance animes

3 Amazon Prime Video romance animes

1- Fruits Basket (2019)

The Fruits Basket anime is based on the manga of the same title written by Natsuki Takaya. So, it all starts when the protagonist Tohru Honda loses her mother and starts to live in a tent in the middle of the forest, because she would not like to be a nuisance to her family and friends. However, the forest in which he set up his camp is part of the property of the prestigious family of his classmate, Yuki Sohma.

So, both end up meeting and start talking. However, on the same day Tohru ends up passing out from fever and Yuki decides to take her to his house so that he doesn’t stay in the rain. However, such rain turns into a storm and destroys Tohru’s tent. Then, Yuki’s guardian, Shigure, decides to invite the girl to live with them, which changes her life completely.

2- Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet (2018)

The anime Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet takes place at the Dahlia Academy boarding school, located on a small island and divided between two factions: White Cats and Black Dogs. Thus, each one represents the country of origin of the students who compose it. So, like a good retelling of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, the protagonists of this story are obviously from different factions.

Juliet Persia, the leader of the White Cats and Romio Inuzuka, leader of the Black Dogs, have always been rivals. However, both have always had feelings for each other. Then, everything changes when Romio decides to declare himself to Juliet and they both start dating. However, so that neither of them gets hurt, they decide to keep the relationship a secret, which triggers the events of this fun story.

3- Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otakus

The anime Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otakus is based on a manga of the same title written by Fujita. So, the story begins when the protagonist Narumi Momose has her “otaku side” discovered by her current boyfriend and he breaks up with her. So she decides to leave the company she worked for as a way to start her life over.

So, she starts working at a new company and meets her childhood friend Hirotaka Nifuji, who is passionate about games. So, when he almost reveals his secret to Narumi’s new supervisor, she decides to love a plan so he doesn’t tell anyone his secret. However, her plan takes a turn and she receives a declaration of love from Hirotaka, which triggers the events of the anime.

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