3% gets trailer for its 3rd season

3% gets trailer for its 3rd season

THE Netflix released the trailer for the third season of 3%, the first original Netflix series recorded in Brazil. With eight new episodes of 45 minutes each, the post-apocalyptic thriller that has won an audience worldwide will continue the history of the privileged society that cherishes only the 3% that surpassed the Process.

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The trailer offers a glimpse of Concha, conceived as a place open to all, an alternative to Continente and Maralto, and reveals to the public the surprising news about the sacrifice that Fernando made in order for it to exist. The video anticipates for fans around the world that, after a fatal series of adversities endanger the community, their leaders will face difficult decisions and, once again, forge new alliances and fight the fear of becoming the ones they most despise for the well of the Shell.

Created by Pedro Aguilera, the third season of 3% is run by Dani Libardi, Daina Giannecchini and Jotagá Crema, with roadmaps Andrea Simão, Carolina Rodrigues, Denis Nielsen, Ivan Nakamura, Marcelo Montenegro and Pedro Aguilera, who also acts as a showrunner. Production is by Boutique Movies, with Tiago Mello and Eduardo Piagge as executive producers.

3% will premiere its 8 episodes of season 3 worldwide on the day June 7 only on Netflix. The first 2 seasons are on netflix.com/3%.