3 fairy tales that everyone should hear at least once in their life

3 fairy tales that everyone should hear at least once in their life

Well, we’ve all had experiences about fairy tale, right? Rapunzel, Snow White, The Little Mermaid and many others that were part of the childhood of many generations.

But for those who, for some reason, are not familiar with the concept of a fairy tale, here are some important features:

The plot revolves around fantastic characters; They are set in magical settings, such as palaces, enchanted forests or woods, but it is not a rule; The characters seek personal fulfillment; The vast majority of fairy tales have very different stories from the final version, so don’t be alarmed if you look for one and see a somewhat different storyline; and a funny point is that, despite the name, a fairy tale does not always have one fairy.

We know that every fairy tale has a story and tells us a moral at the end of it, but there is always one or the other that makes us a little sad and even a little more alert.

In the list below, you will learn a little about the three most interesting fairy tales to tell, hear or see and you will also know the reason for the choices made in this matter.

3 most interesting fairy tales

1. Beauty and the Beast

One of the most inspiring tales that has ever been written is , originally published in 1740, by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot, in France. The original story tells of the daughter of a wealthy merchant who, in all, had three daughters, but the difference was that the two older ones liked to squander, while Bela, much simpler than the sisters, loved to read and enjoy the little things that surrounded her.

On one of the merchant’s trips, Bela’s sisters made numerous requests to her father, while Bela, only concerned with her father’s return trip, asked him to bring her only a rose for the girl and that it would satisfy her. .

On the way back, in the middle of a storm, the merchant takes shelter in a magical castle that served him food and where he could spend the night comfortably. The next day, while leaving the castle, the merchant spotted a rose and remembered his daughter’s request. When trying to take her home, he was surprised by a dreadful beast, which gave him an option so that he could live: the merchant would have to give up one of his daughters and she would live with the Beast.

Upon returning to the house and telling them the story, Bela volunteered to go to her father’s place, apprehensive about what might happen to her father or her sisters. Thinking that her destiny was to be devoured by the Beast, the young woman is surprised when the Beast tries to show her a careful side towards her. He comes to propose to Bela several times, but Bela refuses every time, because he doesn’t have that kind of feeling for the Beast.

After spending some time living in the castle, Bela insistently asks her to visit her father for a while, and after much insisting, the Beast lets Bela return home for a few days, giving him a magic ring that would allow him to return to the castle as soon as I used it.

After returning home, Bela’s sisters, envious and in an attempt to sabotage their sister, deceive her so that her return to the castle is postponed as many days as possible. On one of the nights, Bela has a terrible dream where she sees Beast dying and, fearing that it is true, she wears the magic ring that allows her to return to the castle instantly. Upon arriving, she finds him totally without strength and on the verge of death, because in an act of despair, he refuses to eat until his beloved has returned home.

Faced with this situation, Bela understands the feelings of the Beast and ends up confessing hers, that she learned to respect and like him even if her appearance was not so pleasant. And with that, the charm that had transformed the Beast is broken and he returns to his true “me”, that of a prince.

With that, we can see the moral behind the story, where the character shows us that kindness and simplicity will always be the best way to solve the problems we find ourselves in.

Even with the problem of imposing that Bela shares a house with the Beast, it is necessary to take into account the year of publication of the book and how, even so, it already shows us a different view of the figure of the woman in the context of a France of the XVIII century.

2. The Princess and the Frog

The adaptation of another fairy tale, tells the story of Tiana, a young resident of New Orleans who dreams of opening a restaurant to serve rows and rows of people willing to taste her food. Because she has a poor background, Tiana needs to work hard to collect the money needed to fulfill her dream and, as a result, ends up leaving it a little aside.

When a prince from an African country comes to visit New Orleans, Tiana’s friend Charlotte prepares a party to welcome the prince with the intention of making him fall in love with her so that she has the title of princess. What she doesn’t expect is that Prince Naveen was disowned by his father for being extremely boastful and displeasing him and that he is only in town to be able to marry someone who can afford the luxuries of his irresponsible life. Upon learning of this, the wizard Dr. Facillier offers the prince a deal so that he can continue living his life of luxuries, but the agreement ends up turning Naveen into a frog and the curse can only be broken if he is kissed by a princess of truth.

Charlotte asks Tiana to cook for her guests and this is where her path crosses that of Prince Naveen. Already transformed, Naveen despairs to break the spell and believes that Tiana is a princess, persuading the girl to kiss him to break the curse. The kiss does not have the expected result and Tiana ends up being transformed into a frog too, so the two need to help each other in order to break the fascination of Dr. Facillier and return to their normal lives.

During the story, Tiana ends up teaching Naveen some valuable lessons, such as the importance of friendships, trust and that money is not always the solution for everything. Given a certain moment in the plot, the two prefer to risk staying in the body of a frog forever to let Dr. Facillier continue to deceive people, and so the two use the villain’s enchantments against him, causing the spirits of which Facillier took advantage to make spells take the villain to pay for his mistakes.

Thinking that all is lost, the two believe that nothing else can save them, but throughout their adventure, Tiana and Naveen have become close enough to develop feelings for each other and this feeling ends up breaking the spell: with a kiss from true love, the two end the spell by proving to be true and by learning valuable lessons on the way there.

You must be thinking that there is not much to take advantage of in the history of, but if we stop to analyze, there are important lessons in the storyline of the fairy tale. Naveen represents a selfish figure who, by placing his superficial desires above all else, ends up being deceived and harmed by it. During the story, Tiana helps the prince to realize that cheating and taking advantage of others is a wrong attitude, showing that the best way to go out of difficult situations is to trust the help of his friends, who will do everything to you get well and you can get out in the end.

It is important to remember about Tiana’s strength in the film, that even being deceived by the prince, she does not leave him alone to suffer the consequences alone. Tiana acts as a person of good character, willing to help the prince without expecting anything in return, just so that the two can return to their normal lives. History also shows us the importance of love, with the metaphor that even if it is not the expected path, love can still fix all the things that are wrong.

3. Shrek

The animation based on the tale, by William Steig, tells the story of the ogre Shrek, who lives in peace in his swamp until the given moment when Lord Farquaad decides to banish all magical creatures from the kingdom where the creature lives. In an attempt to get rid of all the fairy tale visitors, Shrek and Donkey – who ends up in the swamp after fleeing from his former owner who tries to sell him to Lord Farquaad’s soldiers – set off towards the Lord’s castle, to talk and come to terms with the creatures.

Upon arriving at the Lord’s castle, Shrek and Donkey end up in a dispute created by the Lord so that the winner could rescue the Princess Fiona, who was trapped in a tower and whom the Lord wished to marry. Shrek decides to accept the proposal, but with the proviso that all creatures would be removed from its swamp.

The two set off towards the castle where the princess is trapped, but there are a few things that separate Shrek from his agreement to be fulfilled: the castle is surrounded by lava and the princess is guarded by a dragon. In the adventure to save the princess, Donkey ends up being cornered by the Dragon, who he discovers is a female dragon and Shrek takes advantage of the distraction to save the princess from his tower.

Princess Fiona is extremely happy to be saved from her prison, but that happiness is short-lived. The princess doesn’t like her savior’s unromantic way and the situation gets worse when she finds out he is an ogre. The beginning of the adventure back to Lord Farquaad’s castle is marked by a moment of discussions, but gradually, Fiona and Shrek come to understand each other from the moment they discover they have a lot in common, since the princess is not a maiden nothing in danger. During an ambush of Monsieur Hood – the French adaptation of Robin Hood -, the princess saves Shrek and Donkey using their knowledge in martial arts to fight Monsieur Hood’s band.

At the last stop before reaching the castle of Lord Farquaad, the princess hides in an abandoned windmill in order to spend the night. Upon noticing a strange movement at the mill, Donkey enters the site and finds Princess Fiona in the form of an ogret, her curse and the reason she was trapped in the tower.

During the conversation between the two, Fiona says that she doesn’t like his appearance and wants to break the curse, but Shrek misinterprets the conversation and believes that Fiona doesn’t like his appearance. With that, he leaves in the middle of the night and returns at dawn with the castle guards, who take Fiona without her knowing Shrek’s feelings.

Later, Donkey seeks out Shrek and talks to the ogre, explaining about the conversation he overheard between him and Fiona, telling about how the princess felt about herself. After everything is cleared up, Shrek and Donkey join the Dragon and fly to the palace, to prevent the wedding of Princess Fiona and Lord Farquaad. Given the sunset, Fiona’s curse comes to the fore and she transforms herself in front of the guests, which causes the Lord’s anger and disgust, causing him to have Shrek killed and arrested Fiona forever.

To save both, Donkey and Dragon invade the ceremony and the dragon swallows Lord Farquaad, saving Fiona and Shrek from his order. The two ogres confess their love for each other and end up kissing, breaking Fiona’s curse and leaving her in her true appearance: the ogres.

The criticism of the tale is very explicit during the plot when we face Shrek’s loneliness due to the judgment of third parties, the breaking of the damsel in distress pattern when Fiona shows herself to be a princess capable of defending herself, the Donkey and his peculiarities that make people mistreat him for having certain personality traits. We can also see the non-linearity of this fairy tale for others, since the prince charming is replaced by the figure of an ogre and the princess has her true face revealed by the kiss of true love that transforms her into an ogra forever.

An interesting feature is that the three chosen stories talk about being altruistic, about not judging people from the first impression, the importance of romantic love or love between friends.

The interesting thing about fairy tales is the presence of a magical and extraordinary being that brings us lessons that may not seem like much, but that hide basic and valuable lessons that can help us in the worst moments of our lives.

Now gather your friends, your family or you can even be alone, but take the time to get inside these and others – knowledge never hurts – fairy tales that are wonderful and will make you rethink some things.