2nd season of The Good Doctor and new titles will premiere on Globoplay in January

2nd season of The Good Doctor and new titles will premiere on Globoplay in January

In January, the Globoplay, the largest Brazilian streaming platform, will bring new content to its subscribers. In addition to the long-awaited debut of the second season of The Good Doctor‘, the selection brings other titles to the country, like the German Babylon Berlin‘, police drama set in the effervescent capital of the Weimar Republic before the rise of Nazism.

Leonard and Sheldon also arrive with The Big Bang Theory Globoplay in January. One of the most successful comedies on world TV enters the platform simultaneously with the spin of the series, Young Sheldon‘. The historical drama My Name is Freedom‘and the dramatic comedy Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce will also be available to Globoplay subscribers.

The biographies Elis – Living is better than dreaming and 10 Seconds to Win, based on the homonymous feature films, are also part of the catalog this January with other great news!

The Good Doctor

In the second season of the series The Good Doctor‘, exclusive to Globoplay, the young doctor Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) will continue to overcome the distrust of his colleagues and superiors to solve the most intriguing cases that arrive at the hospital. The actress Lisa Edelstein, best known for her role as Dr. Lisa Cuddy, in Casa, Lar, plays Dr. Blaize, an oncologist who returns to the hospital after being suspended at the request of Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff), to help your cancer treatment.

The first ten episodes of the second season are available on the platform starting today, January 4, and the next eight episodes will be included in the Globoplay catalog shortly after their screening in the USA.

Babylon Berlin

Considered the most expensive and ambitious series produced in Germany, Babylon Berlin is the new exclusive international production Globoplay. Based on police novels by Volker Kutscher and directed by Tom Tykwer, the series portrays the cultural and behavioral effervescence in Berlin, the heart of the then Weimar Republic, in the spring of 1929, before the rise of Nazism. The police plot mixes with the love story of Gereon Rath (Volker Bruch), a police officer who goes to the capital on a secret mission, and Charlotte Ritter (Liv Lisa Fries), a young shorthand writer of humble origin who complements family income as a call girl.

The two seasons of the series will enter the platform next Friday, January 11.

The Big Bang Theory

One of the most successful and long-running comedies on world TV comes to Globoplay in January. The series, which premiered in 2007 in the United States and became a global phenomenon, shows the fun and somewhat embarrassing situations that friends Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons), two young and brilliant physicists who share the same apartment, get involved when Penny (Kaley Cuoco), a young aspiring actress, moves to the next apartment.

Young Sheldon

The comedy, spin of The Big Bang Theory, shows Sheldon’s childhood, this time played by Iain Armitage. In the series, fans of the attraction that originated it follow the boy’s life when he was still attending school and his relationship with his family in Texas. Young Sheldon, which debuted in 2017 in the United States, is narrated by Jim Parsons, interpreter of the physicist in The Big Bang Theory, and will be available to the Globoplay subscriber in January.

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

Abby McCarthy is a self-help book writer who hides the fact that she is separated from her husband. After the divorce, she begins to experience the dilemmas of a single woman at 40 in Los Angeles.

The dramatic comedy will be available on the streaming platform on the day January 18.

Elis – Living is better than dreaming

The miniseries follows the artistic development of the singer, who has traveled different musical genres, and her personal turmoil. The stories lived by Elis Regina (Andréia Horta) and all its musicality can be seen in the four episodes that will be available on the Globoplay streaming platform from the day January 8, right after the screening on TV Globo.

10 Seconds To Win

The actor Daniel de Oliveira lives two-time world boxing champion Éder Jofre in the series that tells the life of the boxer whose balance of 81 matches was 75 wins, four draws and just two defeats.

The episodes are now available to Globoplay subscribers.

My Name is Freedom

The series My Name is Freedom is based on the Canadian writer’s eponymous novel Lawrence Hill and tells the story of Aminata Diallo (Aunjuane Ellis) who was taken from West Africa to South Carolina as a slave at the time of the American Revolution. The fictional story is inspired by a British government document that lists the people who contributed to the Crown during the Revolution.

In the cast are the actors Louis Gossett Jr., Cuba Gooding Jr., Aunjanue Ellis, Lyriq Bent, Ben Chaplin, Allan Hawko and Jane Alexander. The six episodes will be available from the day January 18.

Globoplay’s new exclusive series joins major national and international platform launches such as: A Million Little Things, Iron Island, Charmed and Killing Eve. Soon, new exclusive content arrives on the platform, in addition to more successful series and international films for subscribers to watch anytime.