2 Superman? Tyler Hoechlin and Brandon Routh will wear the scarlet cape in the Arrowverse crisis

 2 Superman?  Tyler Hoechlin and Brandon Routh will wear the scarlet cape in the Arrowverse crisis

And more details about the Crisis in the Infinite Lands of Arrowverse. Tyler Hoechlin is already the Superman of the official line of Supergirl there are some seasons, and Brandon Routh is Ray Palmer, Elektron, in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but the multiverse will bring surprises …

Just as we had two Flash in “Arrowverse: Elseworlds”To fight Monitor, now it’s time for Brandon Routh to resume his role as Clark Kent / Superman, seen in Superman Returns, from 2006. More information is expected during the universe panel at SDCC 2019.

It is not known in which episode of “Crisis on Infinite Earths”This will happen, remembering that the event will take place over 5 episodes…

Continuing the dissemination of the series of A.D, a The CW released this image with Batwoman, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Arrow and Black Lightning, even if it is not part of the so-called Arrowverse.

[Atualização] According to the Heroic Hollywood website, Brandon Routh will play the Superman version of The Kingdom of Tomorrow comics.


Check out the synopsis of the HQ:

In the not too distant future, Earth has become the realm of superheroes. Unfortunately for the not-so-powerful inhabitants of the planet, these “heroes” are becoming increasingly irresponsible and destructive, jeopardizing the survival of the entire world. And to make matters worse, the only being who can restore common sense to this race of new and irascible deities, the aging Superman, has retired and retired for years.

On this basic premise, screenwriter Mark Waid and award-winning illustrator Alex Ross built Kingdom of Tomorrow, one of the most striking and relevant comics of the 1990s, which explores the modern superhero myth in a way never seen before.