13 Reasons Why | Season 3 review

 13 Reasons Why |  Season 3 review

And the Netflix launched a new season for the controversial 13 Reasons Why. The worst thing is that in its 3rd season the series remains even more confused, with scenes that are even more controversial and moments that for those who suffer from some problem can be a great trigger. Even informing early on to people with some kind of problem do not see the series alone, and to seek help, it is difficult to have control over these things.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The series right from the beginning introduces us to a new character, Ani, who is already in touch and knows all the problems of all friends. To see her lying to each episode and increasing her confession to blame a character who dies in the final moments because of her problems, the series remains intense, but it is very unnecessary.

During all the episodes we see Bryce trying to evolve and overcome his problems, and the series shows a lot of his “changed” side, puts him as a very loving son with his mother after suffering a lot with his father’s abandonment, and when he dies exposed and everyone, including Clay, becomes strange, the series fails to develop better motivations and only gets involved in its long episodes.

Clay spends the season scared and angry, and everyone in the end knows the reason, the issue is its construction and back and forth in the timeline. Putting Bryce’s death on Monty was pretty strong, especially with Winston coming back at the end saying that you don’t do that, only that the series shows his cruelty all the time.

If Bryce is sorry and trying to control his anger, Monty never has a chance. He is just a repressed boy, full of anger who takes it out on people because he cannot assume his sexuality, which ends up becoming pure hatred. He hits Winston when he feels the urge and has oral sex with him.

Only then we have Tyler, who says that his anger is due to being abused by Monty, who besides hitting him, stuck a cable in his anus. Nothing justifies it, but the series is strong enough, and even though we see Tyler’s control and emotions in overcoming need for friends, greater care was lacking.

Jessica spent the series wanting changes and in the end she even tries, only trying to show her as a controller, now, Tony has a very nice evolution, and still touch on the issue of deportation of his parents.

I think that several exaggerations permeate the series and put Zach as Bryce’s aggressor, while Alex throws him off the bridge when he sees that he would never change and continues in the threats, they simply make things worse, because they put him and Jess as accomplices. The fear is so great that Alex’s father knows the truth and to protect his son takes on Clay, Ani and their friends.

13 Reasons Why will return next season and we will definitely see more of Bryce and Monty, while the young people will try to force their truth so no one gets stuck.

A very unstable season, but seeing a quality that decays too much for the police drama that overcomes the problematic teenager, everything is very complex to be approached and I hope, too, that 13 Reasons Why don’t be a problem for people who are suffering and watching. And I say that because I have already suffered some kind of abuse in my life …


13 Reasons Why has all its episodes released on Netflix.

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