13 Reasons Why creator talks about rape scene in series

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Warning: this post contains spoilers for the second season of 13 Reasons Why. If you don’t want to know what happens in the series, don’t read the article below.

13 Reasons Why has just released its second season and is already at the center of new discussions: one of the strongest scenes of the new year of the series includes the character Tyler being attacked in the school bathroom by other students who, while sinking their heads in the toilet , rape him with a broomstick.

Many parents around the world are participating in online petitions to cancel the series, dissatisfied with the inclusion of explicit scenes of violence, like this one. Brian Yorkey, creator of the series, defended the inclusion of a controversial rape scene in his series during an interview with Vulture. He says:

“We are committed to this program to tell true stories about the things that young people go through, as inflexibly as possible. We fully understand that this means that some of the scenes on the program will be difficult to watch. I think Netflix helped provide viewers a lot of resources to understand that this may not be the program for everyone, and also resources for people who watch and are in trouble and need help. “

To be continued:

“But the fact is, no matter how intense this scene is, and no matter how strong they are or reactions to it, it doesn’t even come close to the pain experienced by people who really go through these things. When we say that something is” disgusting ” or difficult to watch, it often means that we’re putting shame on the experience. We prefer not to be confronted with it. We prefer it to stay out of our awareness. That’s why these types of attacks are underreported. That’s why victims have difficulty in seeking help. We believe that talking about it is much better than silence ”.

And you, what do you think of the subject?

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