13 movies and series that joined Netflix today

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And Netflix does not stop: 13 new movies and series arrived on the streaming service just this Friday (29) and, in order not to miss any of the releases, check below our list with all the newcomers titles:

Clinic Friends

In the fight against drug addiction, four young people get to know each other and approach a recovery center where, together, they will try to restart their lives after years of addiction.

The Adventures of Harvey Street

In a street where the children are in charge, every day it feels like Saturday and ice cream is never lacking, three girls have fun. New original Netflix series in partnership with DreamWorks.


During a trip to Scotland, two friends are surprised by a dramatic event that puts their nerves and their convictions on edge.

Glow (season 2)

An unemployed and disillusioned actress finds a new way to survive. She joins a group of women, including actresses and dancers, to form GLOW. They participate in free fights and hope to make a career in show business.

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Kiss Me First

Teenager Leila is lonely and devotes her time to the game Agora. In this game she meets Tess, a cool and confident young woman who hides a secret. Tess ends up disappearing and Leila ends up assuming the identity of the new friend and investigates the reason for her disappearance.

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Sent well (season 2)

Have you tried to imitate a recipe from the internet and the result may have been tasty, but with a terrible appearance? They also! In this original Netflix reality show, contestants compete with their “ugly foods” in tests of replicating confectionery from the most popular chefs in the United States and, the “least worst”, takes a cash prize home.

Nothing to Lose – Part 1

Cinebiography tells the story of Bishop Edir Macedo. He preaches in the streets and becomes a threat, being arrested in 1992. He is the founder of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. Thirty-five years later, his church reaches 200 countries. Macedo also reveals his savvy for the business side, becoming owner of the television network RecordTV.

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A woman is held captive. The place is a smart home, full of resources and highly protected. Determined to escape from there, the woman tries to break into the computer responsible for programming the residence.

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The woods

When a girl mysteriously disappears in a forest near a village in France, the police and a teacher discover, in their search, inquering secrets about the place.

The shooter

Former Marine Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Phillippe) discovers a plan to assassinate the President. He then tries to avoid the worst, but ends up being accused of the crime and goes on a fight against time to find out who is behind everything. New episodes every week.

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Churchill’s Secret Agents: New Recruits

To become part of Churchill’s British spy elite for World War II, 14 contestants will try to survive the rigorous selection process on a historic reality show.

Paquita Salas (season 2)

Paquita, one of Spain’s greatest talent scouts of the 1990s, sets out on a desperate journey in search of his new star after losing his main client.

Maximum Penalty

Danny Meehan (Vinnie Jones) is a true English football idol. Captain of his team and owner of powerful cars, he makes the most of his money and his fame. However, Danny loses everything he has achieved in his career after being accused of manipulating the result of a game, having been expelled from the team for such an attitude. To make matters worse, he is sentenced to 3 years in prison for assaulting a policeman while drunk. Sensitized by the situation, the Governor (David Hemmings) manages to make Danny stay in a penitentiary under his administration, where he proposes that Danny train the local guard team so that he is the champion of the national league.

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