13 cool elements of Old Logan that can’t appear in the new movie

13 cool elements of Old Logan that can’t appear in the new movie

One of the most anticipated films on the hot 2017 release schedule is Logan, Hugh Jackman’s third and final solo film as Wolverine. While the incredible trailers have already made the tone of the film clear, fans also await similarities to the story the movie was inspired by: Old Logan. Originally a miniseries written by Mark Millar and designed by Steve McNiven – one of the best creative teams in the history of comics – launched by Marvel in 2008.

Throughout the eight-issue series, an aging, gray-haired Logan made his way on an epic road trip through a dystopian Marvel Universe. Along the way, our favorite mutant encountered some bizarre allies, terrible villains and enough tragedy and horror that would make Shakespeare proud. There are countless surprising aspects in Velho Logan, but unfortunately for fans who expect a direct adaptation, the vast majority of them cannot and / or will simply not appear in the cinema. This is mainly because Logan is a Fox film and the rights to all good things are with Marvel Studios.

Hulk Gang

old logan hulk

Logan faces many antagonists in Old Logan, but perhaps none is as disturbing as the Hulk’s family. These rednecks descended from Bruce Banner are the incestuous result between Hulk and Hulk-Woman and represent the worst aspects of the jade giant – and the southern stereotypes of the Americans.

The Hulks act as pseudo-owners of Wolverine, demanding payment to live in their territory and threatening their family. Unfortunately, the Hulk’s image rights are owned by Marvel Studios, so none of that will appear in the film.

Red Skull President

red skull old president logan

The climax of Old Logan is the trip to the new capital of the United States, a nation that has been completely conquered by villains. The new president, Captain America’s former archenemy, Red Skull, rules the nation with an iron fist – not to be confused with Netflix’s newest hero.

An inevitable battle between Wolverine and Red Skull ensues, but that unfortunately will not be seen in the 2017 film. Not only are the rights of the Red Skull held by Marvel Studios, it also hasn’t appeared since Phase One. But seriously, how cool would it be to see Hugh Jackman and Hugo Weaving getting beaten up …

The New Map of the USA

old logan map usa

One of the most interesting features on the road trip that Wolverine has in the USA of the future in Old Logan is the updated map. Readers catch a glimpse of the map, which is full of tantalizing clues and potential scenarios. Unfortunately, this map is also full of mentions of characters that Fox doesn’t have, like the Kingpin, the Kree and Norman Osborn. Some of the names mentioned, such as Doutor Destino and Magneto, could appear, but the idea is likely to be discarded completely.

T-Rex with symbiote

tyrannosaurus old symbiote logan

Perhaps Old Logan’s most iconic and memorable scene is a tyrannosaurus rex reinforced with a symbiote chasing Wolverine’s jeep. Because, let’s face it, it is one of the most impressive ideas ever illustrated. It appears that not only have some carnivorous dinosaurs been transported from the Wilderness to America at some point in the past, but also that the Venom symbiote has captured the coolest prehistoric monster as well.

This spectacular moment would look great in theaters, but the symbiote rights are linked to Spider-Man, whose rights are shared between Sony and Marvel Studios. A normal or robotic tyrannosaurus could still theoretically appear, but it is very unlikely.

Blind Archer Hawk

old logan hawk blind archer

It looks like Logan will have some allies in his 2017 movie, but they won’t include his best road mate from Old Logan. Accompanying him on his journey, Clint Barton – Gavião Arqueiro himself – is blind and wagging a white ponytail in this continuity.

Despite his inability, Barton’s aim is as accurate as ever, and he himself drives for a large part of the journey. However, as everyone knows, Hawkeye is an Avenger, and they all belong to Marvel Studios. The role of Gavião Arqueiro can be played by Professor Xavier, but let’s face it, this is much less cool.

The New Spider-Girl

logan old spider girl

Logan’s aide, blind Hawkeye, has his own subplot going on during Old Logan. His main motivation is the mission to rescue his daughter, who assumed the mantle of Spider-Girl. She is the daughter of Gavião Arqueiro with the daughter of Spider-Man, that is, she is the granddaughter of Peter Parker, which is quite rude when you remember that Clint Barton was already older than Peter Parker – since everyone is screwed in this Universe, wouldn’t it be less bizarre that Gavião Arqueiro adopted his friend’s daughter after a tragic death?

Anyway, GaviĂŁo Arqueiro convinces Logan to help in his rescue attempt and, until things go exactly as planned, none of this has the slightest chance of appearing in the next film anyway. As stated earlier, everything related to the Web Head is owned by Sony with some concessions to Marel Studios.

Fall of Pym

old logan pym fall

The dystopian USA envisioned in Old Logan is definitely one of the scariest features in history. We never really found out what happened. The landscape is dotted with easter eggs that only denote the horrible past that led to this future and further evidence that the villains have won a comprehensive victory.

One of the most striking visual examples of this is the skeleton of the Giant Man, Hank Pym himself murdered in action. The skeleton has a road system built around it known as the “Pym Falls”. While Hank Pym isn’t even the Giant Man – or Ant-Man – present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fox obviously doesn’t have access to his rights.

Fallen hammer

old logan hammer hammer

There are several milestones that set the scene for Old Logan, each reminding us that heroes lost and villains won in this world. Thor’s good old fallen hammer is a pit stop on the road trip through the USA from Wolverine and Hawkeye, the idolized place where the god of thunder finally fell in battle.

His famous hammer, Mjolnir, has remained there ever since. And no, Hugh Jackman is not going to try to raise him. Marvel Studios owns the rights to Thor and, by extension, all of his Asgardian possessions. So don’t expect any memories of Chris Hemsworthy in Logan.

Cannibal Moloids

old logan moloides

Wolverine and Gavião Arqueiro can’t find a city that appears on their map, but they soon discover that the whole place was buried by underground creatures. The bizarre moloids and the classic villain of the Fantastic Mole Quartet are to blame

Terribly, the moloids began to feed on human beings who were trapped underground. Although a version of Toupeira appears in the Fantastic Four 2015 film, thus placing his rights firmly on Fox, there is still no chance of showing cannibalism in this film. Violence is one thing, inducing nightmares is another.


old logan mystério

There’s a huge twist to Wolverine’s past in Old Logan and there’s a good chance that something similar will happen in the 2017 movie, so let’s avoid spoilers here. Without saying much, the villain of Spider-Man Mystério plays an important role using using his illusory powers in the comic book version.

Even if something similar occurs in the film, it certainly will not include Mysterio, because his rights are linked to Spider-Man and so we return to our beloved Marvel Studios. Whoever wants to see Mystério at the cinema, will have to send emails and letters to Marvel or Sony.

Red Skull Trophy Room

old logan red skull trophies

There is no better indicator of how bad things are in Old Logan’s Universe than the Red Skull trophy room. Red Skull, remember, is also the President of the USA. He also loves to walk around in Captain America’s bloody costume – nothing sexual, relax – and has glass shelves with memories of the death of countless heroes, including Iron Man, Spider-Man and even Doctor Strange.

Perhaps the most disconcerting is the presence of one of the Thing’s hands. How, exactly, did it get there? This gloomy and depraved display is a shocking look, but to replicate it in Old Logan, the trophies would have to be limited to only items from the X-Men and the Fantastic Four – preferably those that appear in Fox films – and certainly the owner could not be the Red Skull. So, you know, it wouldn’t be the same.

Giant Loki Bones

old logan giant loki skeleton

Hank Pym’s giant skeleton is not the only large set of bones scattered in Old Logan. Driving through New York, Wolverine passes the Baxter building – former home of the Fantastic Four -, which collapsed onto a mysterious and gigantic Loki skeleton. It looks like Loki and the Quartet skyscraper collided together in some way.

This is proof that not all villains have won in their attempts to dominate Earth’s heroes and it also means one less territorial rival to the King of Crime, Red Skull, Doctor Doom etc. Of course, Loki’s rights are still maintained by Marvel Studios and will likely play an important role as early as 2017, but in Thor: Ragnarok.

Captain America’s Shield

old logan shield captain america

Without going into detail, Wolverine encloses Old Logan using Captain America’s shield in a memorable and creative way. Logan’s iconography using the famous symbol of his fallen ally is magnificent, but of course it is not possible for Fox to reproduce any such scene. But as Hugh Jackman has already stated that he would like to return as the Wolverine in a Marvel Studios movie, dreaming is still possible.

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